The Secret to a Highly Resilient AWS Environment – Recorded Webinar!

Dispel any myths around the public cloud and cloud backup and learn exactly why backing up your cloud infrastructure should be an essential part of your backup and disaster recovery strategy.

During this webinar, we discuss:

  • Why backing up public cloud resources is important
  • The solutions/choices available to perform regular backups
  • Why you should consider an enterprise-level solution
  • How to perform cross-region or cross-account backups for disaster recovery

We also demonstrate Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) from N2W Software. CPM is a fully-featured enterprise-class backup, recovery, and disaster recovery solution custom-built for Amazon Web Services (AWS). With an easy-to-use interface and monitoring dashboards, CPM protects the valuable data and mission-critical applications in the AWS cloud.

Find Cloud Protection Manager in the AWS Marketplace

Cloud Protection Manager is also available for AWS GovCloud!

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