Announcing CPM Second Beta Release (v0.99) – with Disaster Recovery

config dr
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N2W Software is Proud to Announce: CPM (Cloud Protection Manager) v0.99 (Beta 2):

The new release includes:

  • Disaster Recovery (copy snapshots between EC2 regions):

    • Copy your data and snapshots to other regions. Configure your DR policy with a mouse click:
      config dr
    • Quickly recover you instances and volumes in other regions in case of an outage.
  • AMI Assistant – Helps you to find similar AMI’s to the one used to launch your instance, in different target regions. Can be used to acquire an image ID, or to find details such as Kernel ID or RAMDisk ID.

    ami assistant

  • Support for Recovery of IOPS Volumes:

    • If you have IOPS EBS volumes, CPM will record their configuration.
    • During recovery, you can either stay with the original value, or change it.
  • Miscellaneous:

    • Changing Activation Keys will not require launching a new CPM Server instance anymore.
    • Time zone Issue – Displayed time may be a day off – Fixed
    • Wrong AWS Credentials causes add backup targets windows to be blank – Fixed
    • “Delete Policy” – will now delete all related EBS snapshots as well.
    • Time zone- Displayed time may be a day off – Fixed

Register to CPM’s free beta here


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