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Estimating EBS Snapshot Backup Costs

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EBS snapshots as a backup solution, however, without the right knowledge, the cost of snapshots may seem to get out of hand. EBS snapshots solely copy the blocks of the disk that were written to as of the last snapshot, meaning if part of a disk was left unchanged, it won’t be included in the snapshot. While this approach tends to save on costs, in order to properly estimate the cost of backing up your AWS environment with EBS snapshots, you need to consider three main factors:

  1. Data size
  2. Data growth rate
  3. Backup retention period

Although these factors vary, we’ll help you calculate costs with a broad estimation based on a few use cases. Remember that when costs pile up, losing your data can cost you much more than backup, alone. This post takes a deeper look at how to calculate your EBS snapshot costs, factoring in snapshot size, frequency, optimal backup options, and other environmental factors. Learn more about how to efficiently utilize your EBS snapshots.

N2WS Backup & Recovery allows you to copy EBS snapshots to an Amazon S3 bucket and save on your storage costs. Read more information in this blog post.

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