Cloud Protection Manager 1.0.1 is Available

N2W Software presents Cloud Protection Manager’s new release v1.0.1

Cloud Protection Manger (CPM) is the first fully-featured, enterprise-level data protection management solution specifically developed for the Amazon EC2 environment.

Based on continuous development effort and in response to customer feedback, CPM1.0.1 includes a set of enhancements and updates, the most significant of which are listed below:

  1. Auto-Recovery of EBS-optimized EC2 instances

    EBS-optimized EC2-instances are recovered to be EBS-optimized by default.

  2. Auto-Recovery of IAM Roles assigned to EC2 instances

    IAM Roles assigned to EC2 instances are recorded and associated with the recovered instances by default.

  3. Support of all new EC2 instance types

    Backup and recovery is available for 30 types of EC2 instances.

  4. Ephemeral storage setup during recovery

    Ephemeral devices can now be added to a recovered EC2 instance.

  5. Auto-recovery of RDS databases in multiple Availability Zones

    RDS databases deployed in multiple availability zones will be so recovered by default.

  6. Backup and recovery of RDS DB instances in VPC subnet groups

    Backup and recovery of RDS DB instances in VPC subnets is supported in CPM 1.0.1.

  7. Full support for all available RDS DB types

    All currently available types of RDS databases are backed-up and displayed correctly, including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and Postgre SQL

  8. Advanced Usage Reporting for multiple CPM Users

    Root user can now generate detailed backup usage report for each sub users. This is highly useful feature for large environments and MSP providing backup-as-a-service.

  9. OS Update

    CPM server instance is fully updated to latest available Linux OS.

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