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Cloud Protection Manager 1.8.0 is Available in AWS Marketplace

N2W Software is proud to release the new Cloud Protection Manager, version 1.8.0. The new release is available as a set of new AWS Marketplace products.

Highlights of the new release include:

  1. Complete new updated OS on an HVM-based image, suited to run on the latest generation of EC2 instance types and protected against all known security vulnerabilities.
  2. New Free Trial – Based on the new CPM Free Trial & BYOL Edition. For more details please see here.
  3. Redshift Backup: Added snapshot management for Redshift Clusters.
  4. Available on Advanced and Enterprise Editions only – Cross-Account Backup & Recovery:
    1. Added backup across different AWS accounts to allow advanced configurations for disaster recovery and snapshot vaulting .
    2. Added Recovery across accounts for EC2 instances and EBS volumes
  5. New Frankfurt Region Support added – CPM is available in the Frankfurt region
  6. Scalability improvements for large environments
  7. Many improvements and bug fixes

We highly recommend all existing users to upgrade your CPM Server to the new release and benefit from the new features. If you prefer to keep using the current PV-based AMI, we strongly encourage you to update to the latest version – 1.5.0p – that addresses all known security vulnerabilities.

Upgrade Instructions:

As the new release is on HVM-based images, new AWS Marketplace products were created for them. To upgrade, you will need to subscribe to one of the new products. Here are the steps to upgrade:

  1. Terminate the old instance, preferably while no cloud backup is being performed. Please wait until it is in “terminated” state. Please determine the availability zone the old instance was in, as you will need to launch the new instance in the same one.
  2. IMPORTANT: Please make sure you unsubscribe from CPM’s  old product. You can do this in the “Your Software” page in the AWS web site. Failing to unsubscribe from the old product will result in double billing for both the new and old products.
  3. Subscribe to the new product. Prices and links to new products can be found in CPM’s pricing page.
  4. Launch a new CPM Server instance in the same region and availability zone as the old one. You can launch the instance using the “Your Software” page in the AWS web site. To determine the availability zone of the new instance or to launch it in a VPC subnet, you may need to launch the instance using the EC2 console rather than using the 1-click option.
  5. Highly Recommended: go to the volumes view in AWS Management Console and create a snapshot of the CPM data volume. The volume is easy to find as it’s typically named “CPM Cloud Protection Manager Data.” The snapshot is just for the case that there is a problem with the upgrade process and can be deleted afterwards.
  6. When the new instance is in “running” state, connect to it with a browser using https.
  7. Approve exception to the SSL certificate
  8. Step 3: Choose “Use Existing Data Volume,” and paste in your AWS credentials.
  9. Select your old data volume from the list of volumes to complete the configuration process. Operations will resume automatically.
  10. If you are using backup scripts that utilize SSH, you may need to login to the CPM Server once and run the scripts manually, so the use of the private key will be approved.

More details on how to configure a new CPM instance can also be found in CPM’s quick start guide * CPM 1.8.0 supports backup agents of v1.5.0. However, we recommend re-installing the 1.5.0 agents and installing the new 1.8.0 agent instead. For any questions or concerns please contact us as support@n2ws.com Complete new updated OS on an HVM-based image, suited to run on the latest generation of EC2 instance types and protected against all known security vulnerabilities.

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