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AWS re:Invent Archive, Backup & DR Sessions

cpm re:invent 2014 awsAWS re:Invent 2014 is coming up in two weeks and is already all sold out. We at N2W Software are sponsoring the event this year for the first time! Just as AWS is the top public cloud provider, AWS re:Invent 2014 is definitely the conference to attend to get real insight on the latest developments in public cloud technology. If you’re attending, be sure to come by and see us at booth # K15. This year re:Invent is offering more than 200 sessions in more than 20 different tracks.  With such a plethora of options, it’s important to prioritize and stay focused to make the best out of this gathering. As N2W Software is a specialist in EC2 backup, recovery, and DR, here is our view on a track which is expected to be among the most popular at re:invent this year –  archive, backup & DR. Before delving into the different sessions in this track, there’s one preliminary note on a key aspect of archive, backup and disaster recovery in AWS that is missing from this track:  the sessions of this track primarily focus data protection schemes from the local data center into (and recovery back from or within) the AWS cloud (S3 and Glacier mostly), but there is little reference, if any, to data protection solutions within the AWS cloud. While backing up your EC2 production environment is a critical aspect for anyone using EC2, it seems that almost no session is addressing this important issue. So for those of you interested in backup and recovery in EC2, I would suggest looking for other resources, such as our blog. Back to the agenda: based on their description on the AWS re:Invent website, here some key sessions in this track that we recommend you to attend, or if you can’t be there, see them on the Live Steam:


For those unfamiliar with the AWS solutions for backup and archiving, BAC202 – Introducing AWS Solutions for Backup and Archiving gives an overview of backup and recovery of your data to Amazon’s S3 and Glacier using the Amazon storage gateway or third party storage gateways.

Backup to the AWS Cloud

To learn more on the backup of data from the local data center to AWS, BAC302 – Using AWS to Create a Low-Cost, Secure Backup Environment for Your On-premises Data is an advanced level session, providing more in-depth knowledge on how to create a secure backup environment, with emphasis on various ways to automate the process. To expand your knowledge base further, BAC308 – Bursting to the Cloud: Deploying a Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution with AWS is another session on this topic, presenting a case study of an actual deployment of a hybrid cloud storage solution with AWS.

Disaster Recovery with AWS

Those of you interested in DR, may want to attend BAC 304 – Deploying a Disaster Recovery Site on AWS: Minimal Cost with Maximum Efficiency, covering the AWS features, services and DR architectures, that can be used to build highly available and disaster resilient applications. Experts on high availability could expand their knowledge with BAC404 – Deploying High Availability and Disaster Recovery Architectures with AWS . Unlike other sessions in this track, this one presents solutions within the AWS cloud and explains how to architect, deploy, and scale an application for high availability within a region along with failing over to another AWS region in the event of an outage at the primary region.

Archiving into Glacier

Another valuable service AWS is offering is low-cost archiving with Amazon Glacier, as a substitute for tape. So if you’re considering setting up an archiving solution on AWS, BAC307 – The Cold Data Playbook: Building the Ultimate Archive Solution in Amazon Glacier is the session for you. The key features of Glacier such as security, durability, and price will be covered as well as an overview of best practices for archiving on Glacier. In short, lots to do at re:invent! So, try to make the most of it, and not less important, have fun. See you there!
Come and visit us at booth # K15, contact us if you want to schedule a time.

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