Ephemeral Storage Mirror on an EBS Volume

ephemeral-storage-mirror-ebs-tumbEphemeral storage is the volatile temporary storage attached to your instances which is only present during the running lifetime of the instance. In the case that the instance is stopped or terminated or underlying hardware faces an issue, any data stored on ephemeral storage would be lost.

How can you make optimal use of ephemeral storage? How do you ensure no data is lost in case instance is terminated accidentally? Read our how-to guide which explains how to use ephemeral storage effectively.

This article shows in detail how you can mirror your Ephemeral storage to an EBS volume, ensuring that the EBS volume is used solely for write operations and the ephemeral storage solely for read i. This way you can avoid data loss in the case that the instance is lost/stopped/terminated due to a hardware failure or an accidental event.

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