New Guide: How to Pre-Warm Your EBS Volumes on AWS

New Guide: How to Pre-Warm Your EBS Volumes on AWSHow do you ensure minimum latency when accessing your EBS volumes? We have just published a new step by step guide explaining how to pre-warm EBS Volumes for improved performance.

Amazon EBS volumes are persistent block level storage that are offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Whenever you create either a magnetic volume, an SSD volume (gp2) or Provisioned IOPS based SSD volume, all storage blocks are immediately allocated to you. However, when you try to access each individual block within those volumes, you might experience a 5-50% increase in I/O latency. This happens because when you try to access a block within one of the volumes mentioned above, the block needs to either be wiped clean or restored from a snapshot. This becomes a problem for performance intensive workloads that require fast read and write operations.

In order to avoid this latency for performance intensive workloads, you can pre-warm your EBS volume before you use it. Pre-warming basically reads/writes every block of your volume so that a thin provisioned volume becomes thick and accessing new blocks doesn’t result in performance degradation.

Our new “how to” guide walks you through pre-warming on your Linux and Windows instances providing you step by step guidance. It will further cover how to pre-warm a new EBS volume and how to pre-warm an EBS volume that has been restored from an EBS snapshot.

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