How N2WS can help amid COVID-19

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Given the current outbreak of COVID-19, many in cities and countries around the globe are now being asked to work and learn from home. As the leader in backup and disaster and recovery on the AWS marketplace and a trusted expert for almost a decade now in how to adapt to fast-changing and uncertain times, we wanted to provide assurance that on our end, we will continue to help those affected by changes in their work, school and community environments.

N2WS will continue to deliver the same level of service excellence as always. Our technical support team, dev team, and all business account managers have the continued ability to serve your business 24/7.

If you are already an N2WS customer, your Technical Account Manager and Solutions Architect (SA) will be happy to help with any questions. You can also reach out to N2WS Support via a Support Case if you have an urgent need. If you are not yet a customer and need a demo or have a specific request, please do not hesitate to email info@n2ws.com.

Working from Home

Some useful reads + webinars on-demand

If you do have some additional time on your hands as you work from home, we believe that some of our recent webinars and reports can help to make the transition from the office or the classroom to the home a bit more educational. Here’s a few recent popular ones:

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Keep calm, stay safe and work from home!

We find that especially during these uncertain times, automation wins. Because our tool sits as an EC2 instance in your AWS account, it inherits all the compliance and security of AWS while allowing you to maintain full control of your environment. N2WS simplifies backup and DR automation to minimize reliance on human presence.

Now, as teams may be physically spread apart, it has never been easier to ‘set it and forget it’. N2WS has valuable multi tenancy capabilities and ensures that multiple users can easily login and manage their own backup & DR for multiple accounts from a ‘single pane of glass’.

Let us know how we can help

If there’s something else that you need, please do not hesitate to reach out. Contact us at info@n2ws.com.

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