Not all heroes wear capes – Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

System Administrator Day
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SysAdmin Day Hero Technology is more than ever present in our lives and it’s hard to imagine our daily routine without it: we call an Uber to get to the office, we read emails on our smartphone and get the latest news. At work, the Wi-Fi is just fine, our computer is up and running and there’s nothing wrong with the printer. This is not magic, this is just a Sysadmin doing his or her job. Let’s be honest, we don’t always show the deserved appreciation to the System Administrators that take care of us. Well, today is the day to make things up! Here at N2WS we know how hard they work so we don’t encounter any issues, and we prepared a list of FREE stuff every Sysadmin can use in their job:

Conversational Amazon Web Services

Conversational AWS Ebook Cloud computing is the driver of the fourth industrial revolution, enabling organizations around the world to innovate and create some fascinating technologies. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a set of cloud services used by some of today’s biggest companies. N2WS and Conversational Geek released Conversational Amazon Web Services, a great e-book to get you started on AWS and learn more about its capabilities. You can download this FREE e-book.

Cloud Protection Manager FREE Edition

Cloud Protection Manager Free Edition is a compelling solution that allows you to protect up to five EC2 instances. CPM Free Edition is able to instantly launch a previous version of an instance based on a point-in-time or recover individual files and folder. For more information and download, visit our dedicated page.

$250 AWS Promo Credit for Trialing CPM

For anyone who launches Cloud Protection Manager’s Free 30 Day Trial edition and actively sets a backup policy, they will receive $250 AWS infrastructure credit! Cloud Protection Manager is the leading enterprise-class backup and DR solution for AWS and it’s a limited time offer, so register today! CPM’s 30-day trial includes all features of our Enterprise edition so you will be able to see first hand how to efficiently and cost-effectively protect your EC2 instances, RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora databases, as well as Redshift clusters, utilize both cross region and cross-account DR, as well as take advantage of all new and enhanced v2.3 features. Moreover, you can register for free for the AWS Global Summits in your area. The next one will be in Chicago, IL and we invite you to come to our booth and chat us up all things cloud backup related including compliance, costs and how to minimize your risk of crucial downtime.   To all System Administrators out there, thank you for everything you do for us and we wish you a wonderful day! – The N2WS Team]]>

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