22. Configuring Workers

When N2WS copies data to S3, or explores snapshots in another AWS region, it launches a temporary ‘worker’ instance. Here's everything you need to know.

When N2WS copies data to or restores data from an S3 repository, or Explores snapshots in a region other than that of the N2WS server, it launches a temporary ‘worker’ instance to perform the actual work, such as writing objects into S3 or exploring snapshots.

  • When performing backup operations, or Exploring in a non-N2WS server region, the ‘worker’ instance is launched in the region and account of the target instance. The backup or Explore ‘worker’ instance is configured using the New Worker configuration link in the bottom toolbar.
  • When performing restore operations, the ‘worker’ instance is launched in the region and account that the backed-up instances are to be restored to. The restore ‘worker’ instance is selected or configured according to the following criteria:

If a ‘worker’ for the target account/region combination was configured in the New Worker configuration page, that ‘worker’ instance will be used during the restore, or during the Explore in a region other than that of the N2WS server.

If such a ‘worker’ does not exist for the target account/region combination, N2WS will attempt to assemble one based on N2WS’s own configuration.

If N2WS’ configuration cannot be used because the restore, or Explore, will be to a different account or region than N2WS’, the user will be prompted during the restore to configure the ‘worker’.

Note: If you plan to Copy to S3 only instances belonging to the same account and residing in the same region as that of the N2WS server, worker configuration Is not required since the worker will derive its configuration from the N2WS server instance.

Attempts to Copy to S3 instances and volumes from an account/region, or to Explore out of the N2WS server region, without a valid worker configuration will fail.

Worker Parameters

It is necessary to define a separate worker configuration for each planned account/region combination of Copy to S3 instance snapshots, or each Explore region that is different from the N2WS server region:

To configure S3 worker parameters:

  1. Click the Configure workers link in the bottom toolbar of the N2WS GUI.

Click New Worker configuration.

In the Account list, select the Account that the new worker is associated with.

In the Region list, select a Region. This configuration will be applied to all workers launched in this region for this account.

In the Key pair list, select a key pair. Using the default, Don’t use a key pair, disables SSH connections to this worker.

In the VPC list, select a VPC. The selected VPC must be able to access the subnet where N2WS is running as well as the S3 endpoint.

In the Security Group list, select a security group. The selected security group must allow outgoing connections to the N2WS server and to the S3 endpoint.

In the Subnet list, select a subnet, or choose Any to have N2WS choose a random subnet from the selected VPC.

Note: If you choose ‘Any’ in the Subnet drop-down list, N2WS will automatically choose a subnet that is in the same Availability Zone as the one you are restoring to. If you choose a specific subnet that is not in the same Availability Zone as the one you are restoring to, you will have to choose a different subnet from the Subnet drop-down list.

In the Network access list, select a network access method.

Note: Direct network access or indirect access via an HTTP proxy is required:

Direct – Select a Direct connection if no HTTP proxy is required.

via HTTP proxy – If an HTTP proxy is required, select and fill in the proxy values.

To edit or delete a worker configuration:

  1. In the bottom toolbar, click the Configure workers link.

In the Action column for the worker, click Delete or Edit.

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