Please follow these instruction to uprgade your existing Beta CPM Server to the new Official CPM v1.0.0:

  1. Terminate the old instance, preferably while no backup is being performed. Please wait until it is in “terminated” state. Rememeber its original availability zone
  2. Recommended: go to the volumes view in AWS Management Console and create a snapshot of the CPM data volume. The volume is easy to find as it’s typically named “CPM Cloud Protection Manager Data.” The snapshot is just for the case that there is a problem with the upgrade process and can be deleted afterwards.
  3. Make sure you are registered to the CPM edition that best fits your needs on AWS Marketplace. Launch a new CPM Server instance in the same region and availability zone as the old one was. You can launch the instance using the “Your Software” page in the AWS web site. To determine the availability zone of the new instance, you’ll need to launch the instance using the EC2 console rather than use the 1-click option.
  4. When it is in “running” state, connect to it using https.
  5. Approve exception to the SSL certificate
  6. Step 3: Choose “Use Existing Data Volume,” and paste in your AWS credentials.
  7. Select your old data volume from the list of volumes
  8. Complete configration. Operations will resume automatically.
To Upgrade CPM Thin Backup Agents on Windows Instances:
  1. Currently the Backup Agent installer does not support upgrade. Please uninstall the old agent (using Control Panel->Programs and Features)
  2. Reinstall the new installation package downloaded from the CPM Server (“download thin backup agent” at the bottom links).
  3. Even if your old agent still works, please upgrade to the new one as soon as possible.