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The Accelerated ‘Lift & Shift’: How iFeu guided a successful migration to AWS

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This AWS migration study is a fascinating story of how leading MSP iFeu addressed the challenges of GBI Grup, a ‘green’ disposal company creating beauty-from-waste for all ages to enjoy. 

GBI Grup needed a complete ‘all-in’ shift to the cloud, while needing to maintain security and scaling without service interruptions. 

Hosted by: Jordi Pujol (iFeu), Ivan Skudin (AWS), Cristina Sánchez Castellano (GBI Grup), Ezra Charm (N2WS)

Watch it on-demand HERE.

You’ll understand:

  • iFeu’s ‘lift and shift’ strategy and how they built GBI Grup’s AWS environment
  • How iFeu chose the best services for the money GBI Grup had to invest
  • How iFeu automated GBI Grup’s backup and DR while significantly cutting storage spend
  • Much more…

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