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When failure isn't an option: learn how Notre Dame protects their university data

A powerful backup & recovery solution keeps business running smoothly

24/7 access to information is vital to the health of your organization. N2WS ensures that you can access your data anytime and recover quickly from any outage, failure or loss . Our easy-to-implement cloud backup and recovery solution uses snapshot technology to keep your business operations running… in any scenario.

N2WS Backup & Recovery can help you:

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Save time using automation for flexible policies and schedules.

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Recover a single file or a full environment in less than 60 seconds.

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Slash your RTO and help to ensure 99.999999999% availability.

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How Notre Dame maintains uptime on AWS: a forward-thinking approach

Founded in 1842, the University of Notre Dame is steeped in history—but it’s by no means stuck in the past. Fast forward 176 years and Notre Dame has adopted a forward-thinking backup strategy for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. The university turned to N2WS to protect its data with regularly-scheduled, incremental, snapshot-based backups.

Watch this webinar replay to hear Notre Dame systems engineer, Aaron Wright, discuss how the university maintains continuity when unforeseen circumstances arise.

University of Notre Dame Case Study

Learn more about the combined super powers of N2WS + AWS:

AWS and N2WS Case Study: University of Notre Dame

Case Study: When Failure Isn't an Option

By adopting data protection from N2WS and AWS, the University of Notre Dame has paved the way for cloud-first practices, while reducing their time spent backing up and maintaining uptime.

AWS and N2WS Infographic: avoid the costs of downtime

Infographic: Avoiding the Costs of Downtime

Learn how to protect your data from the costs of rising downtime. Stay ahead of the curve with snapshots to quickly recover from data loss, user error, malicious attacks, and natural disasters.

N2WS vs AWS Backup

Why chose N2WS over AWS Backup? Find out the critical differences here.

N2WS in comparison to AWS Backup, offers a single console to manage backups across accounts or clouds. Here is a stylized screenshot of the N2WS dashboard.

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