AWS Cloud Backup & Recovery

Including: Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon DynamoDB.

The most effective and efficient backup for your AWS environment. With zero downtime.

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Block-Level Incremental:

The most efficient backups available

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Flexible Backup Policies:

Scheduling from minutes to months

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Application Consistent:

No maintenance windows or downtime

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Highest Availability:

Full data recovery in 30-seconds (or less)

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Native Technologies:

Leveraging the AWS model for backup & storage

Cost-effective backup lifecycle management

Save up to 60% on long-term retention costs by decoupling and transferring your EBS snapshots to the N2WS S3 repository, with the ability to recover to any region or account. Better manage your data in AWS and pay less to retain access to critical data to support your business compliance.

Block-Level and Incremental-Forever Snapshots

Snapshots are taken at the block level and are the most efficient backup available.  If only part of a file changes, only the modified disk blocks are backed up. Automate backup and recovery for Amazon EC2 instances, EBS volumes, RDS, Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB and Aurora clusters by extending and enhancing native Amazon snapshots.

Flexible Backup Policies

Flexible Policy-Based Backups

Gain complete control over backup operations, including:
  • Backup targets and snapshot scheduling that can range from minutes to months.
  • Set custom retention periods, failure handling, retries, and more.
  • Schedules can be mixed and matched.
Application-Consistent Backup

Application-Consistent Backup

Perform application consistent backup of production applications without taking systems offline. We provide out-of-the-box support for MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint and more. We also support VSS on Windows systems, enabling you to perform application consistent backups.

File-Level Restore and rapid recovery

Highest Availability and Uptime

Rapidly recover complete servers/instances, specific volumes, or individual files in seconds. Recover complete instances to other AWS regions or even other AWS accounts, including all data and configurations in only seconds.

Back up and clone VPC settings for more granularity (and less manual work) during the recovery process. Restore individual files without having to restore the entire instance or mount the volume. Browse through folders and retrieve previous versions of a single file or folder.

Utilizing Native AWS technologies

Native AWS Technologies

We’ve adopted the AWS paradigm for storage and data protection, leveraging cloud-native and AWS-native technologies. By maintaining backups as highly-available snapshots in Amazon S3 you can rest assured that your data is safe and easily recoverable. We also adopt the strict compliance and governance standards that AWS established, ensuring your mandates are met.

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