Enhancing AWS backup for the modern enterprise

Automated AWS Backups and 1-Click Disaster Recovery in 30 Seconds


Protect Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP along other AWS services


New VPC Capture

Clone VPC, Transit Gateways, Customer Gateway, and more


Azure SQL Backup

Agentless, application-consistent SQL Server Backup for Azure VMs

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Automate backups

Configure what to backup, define targets, and set frequency + retention periods.

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Recover in 30 seconds

From single file to full restore, get near-zero RTO with AWS-native tech.

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Disaster-proof data

Replicate snaps to another AWS region or account for the ultimate data protection.

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Restore VPC settings

Configure regular backups of VPC settings and recover to any region.

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Support multi-tenancy

Easily manage backup & DR for multiple accounts from a “single pane of glass”.

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Archive snapshots

Copy snapshots to a low-cost S3/Glacier tier for long-term data retention savings.

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Recover a single file

Restore individual files without having to recover the full volume.

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Control cloud costs

Switch off non-critical resources when you’re not using them, with Resource Control, to save money.

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Lossless data capture

Application-consistent backups capture all data currently in progress.

The simple, scalable, cost-effective way to grow in the cloud with total peace-of-mind

N2WS protects your data, no matter where it lives in AWS with full support for Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, Amazon EFS, Amazon FSx, Amazon S3, Redshift, Amazon Aurora and Amazon DynamoDB

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1-click install with our CloudFormation template

Data Lifecycling

Save big with built-in resource optimization


Lightweight agent for application-consistency

Petabyte Scale

The bigger your environment, the better

Zero Scripting

Fully automated backup and disaster recovery

Searchable Snapshots

Simple search & restore with our backup monitor

Alerts & Reporting

Automatic alerts and downloadable reports

Tag Management

Tag groups of resources and automate actions

User Management

Identity provider integration + granular access


Perform backup and recovery from anywhere

AWS GovCloud

Rapid recovery between all GovCloud regions

Self-Protecting Solution

N2WS can automate its own EC2 backup

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So much more than just cloud backup...

With simple, scalable snapshot management and 1-click restore in 30 seconds, we seamlessly fill in the gaps in the AWS model —giving you flexible policies, automation, application-consistent backup, restful API, VPC Capture + Clone, and the ability to elegantly manage petabytes of data.

Perform disaster recovery across regions:

Disasters are rare, but they do happen. At any time, you could be impacted by ransomware, user error or regional outages. Protect your AWS environment against the the inevitable by replicating volumes across multiple regions —with the ability to easily restore anything in seconds.

AWS Backup | AWS Disaster Recovery | N2WS screenshot showing recovery options

Backup and restore VPC settings:

Say goodbye to user error with regular, automated backup of all your VPC settings. N2WS saves you time during the configuration process by frequently capturing your VPC setup so that when disaster strikes, you can have your data and infrastructure back in seconds.

Migrate a production environment:

With N2WS you can move your production environment to another region or account, by simply updating your policies with the new backup target. You could also quickly duplicate a production environment to create a staging or dev environment for rapid iteration.

Restore a single file:

File corruptions happen so do accidental deletions and the occasional “my inbox ate it” incident. No need to worry over that problem ever again. Because N2WS makes it easy to find and retrieve individual files and recover to the original instance in seconds.

N2WS supports file-level recovery for encrypted and unencrypted volumes and gives you the ability to recover files from snapshots located in another region.

Create a ‘Golden Image’:

Clone instances to create a staging environment for doing testing. Instead of having a continuous running test environment, you could just take a first backup session of your newly configured server and freeze this backup session (to create a ‘golden image’ of your environment). These frozen backup sessions will appear in the N2WS Freezer section and then you can to spin up your servers in line with production, whenever you need to do testing.

Sync Amazon S3 buckets:

You often need to protect your workloads AND data stored on Amazon S3. With N2WS you can replicate data between different S3 buckets and leverage multiple AWS account and regions for additional security.

Fast-growing organizations around the world use N2WS
N2WS supports international enterprises and growing organizations worldwide
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We're top-rated in the

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top-rated on the AWS marketplace
Chris O.
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A simple and effective backup solution

The setup and implementation was easy and quick [...] I was impressed and would recommend this backup tool for AWS users!

top-rated on the AWS marketplace
Tom D.
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Swiss Army Knife of AWS backups

Uses the excellent AWS snapshot technology as a foundation, but adds a lot of features that are not present in the native AWS Backup service.

top-rated on the AWS marketplace
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Probably the easiest AWS backup appliance, ever

Easy to setup, restore processes are easy. I would highly recommend the free version for anyone looking to have backups in AWS.

Learn how leading organizations are extending AWS-native tech with N2WS

Growing organizations love how easy it is to ensure continuous uptime while supporting hundreds or clients or instances from a single console.

How Gett prepared for IPO with a robust cloud continuity strategy
In addition to achieving business continuity with N2WS, Gett uses N2WS Resource Control to save around 50 percent—or $2,000—per instance per month.
Learn how they saved $100k ›
How Essilor increased speed of recovery by 10X in their complex global environment
Essilor had created an in-house solution with custom scripts to manage the backup and recovery of their AWS workloads. But they have a large-scale environment with complex requirements. N2WS provided the tool they needed to scale and decrease RTO with efficiency.
Protect complex environments ›
How iFeu's cloud team offers 100% availability to their AWS clients
IFeu is the leading managed services provider for the greater Barcelona area —managing 100+ AWS accounts for clients across various industries and they needed a tool that would provide high availability and an easy console to manage data protection for hundreds of AWS accounts.
Provide high availability with ease ›
Managing critical data at petabyte-scale with 100% confidence
DB Systel UK is a division of Deutsche Bahn, which provides managed IT, cloud solutions, and backup services. With thousands of routes to report on and over 1,500 volumes across 700 servers, they needed an automated backup & recovery solution they could trust.
Provide clients with 100% confidence ›
Growing hybrid IT services with built-to-scale backup & recovery for AWS
Ensono needed a solution to offer reliable backups to their clients and that would meet their SLAs without causing a drain on internal resources. Find out how Ensono now delivers their clients peace-of-mind with our built-to-scale backup & recovery solution for AWS cloud.
Better serve your cloud clients ›
Accessing critical AWS data in real-time to save lives —with N2WS
With N2WS, Best Friends reduced the time it takes to synchronize internal workloads —what used to take days now takes 60 minutes. And this gives the team valuable time to focus on new initiatives and technological innovation to save even more animals.
Access more innovation time ›
Save 25% more time over manual backups
With 240 IT staff, 6k employees, and 12k students, a system fail would have meant weeks recovering data, requiring 12-hour shifts. That is... until the University of Notre Dame migrated to AWS, utilizing N2WS for their backup & recovery. Find out how they ensure 100% uptime.
Swipe their fail-proof strategy ›
Growing cloud business and offering customers peace-of-mind with BaaS
When iQ3 onboarded one of their largest customers in the Australian government, they turned to N2WS to protect their growing AWS environment, stating: “It was vital that we were able to ensure 100% uptime for such a large customer handling confidential data.”
Offer clients managed backup ›
Scale without fail: providing customers with 100% uptime
Built for data visibility and security, ZoneFox needed to provide 100% uptime for its customers —anything less would have been unacceptable. This is why ZoneFox sought a scalable tool offering availability, automation, powerful DR capabilities and ease of implementation.
Maintain resiliency at scale ›
24/7 data access with no outages or delays.
Because N2WS creates incremental backups, capturing only changes since the previous backup, it is a particularly efficient backup solution for a large enterprise such as Goodwill.
Get their AWS + N2WS strategy ›
Automate backups for 100s of EC2 instances.
For Managed Services Provider, Cloudar, N2WS provided a robust and flexible backup solution as well as time savings and efficiency. Ease-of-management and ease-of-mind was the reason Cloudar chose N2WS over other backup solutions.
Read the Cloudar case study ›
Meeting customers' diverse data sovereignty needs with ease
Because each of their customers has different requirements, Comunet needed a way to centralize their data management and to provide backup and recovery operations at scale. N2WS allows them to easily meet data sovereignty requirements while saving them time and money in the process.​
See why Comunet chose N2WS ›
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