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Learn how some of our customers are integrating our software to automate backups across multiple AWS accounts and for hundreds of EC2 instances.

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24/7 access to data with zero outages or delays.

Because Cloud Protection Manager creates incremental backups, capturing only changes since the previous backup, it is a particularly efficient backup solution for a large enterprise such as Goodwill.

24/7 access to your AWS cloud data (find out how in this case study)
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Manage multiple clients and AWS accounts.

CPM helped tecRacer improve their overall customer experience by allowing them to provide customers with new self-service backup and recovery capabilities and direct access to their accounts.

Tecracer Case Study PDF
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Automate backups for hundreds of EC2 instances.

CPM provided a robust and flexible backup solution as well as time savings and efficiency. Ease-of-management and ease-of-mind was the reason Cloudar chose CPM over other backup solutions.

Cloudar Case Study PDF
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