AWS Case Studies

Learn how our customers are integrating N2WS Backup & Recovery to automate backups across multiple AWS accounts —for hundreds of EC2 instances— and ensuring their critical data avoids downtime.

customer logo iQ3
Growing cloud business and offering customers peace-of-mind with BaaS

When iQ3 onboarded one of their largest AWS customers, a group of 20-30 Australian government agencies, they turned to N2WS to protect their growing AWS environment, stating: “It was vital that we were able to ensure 100% uptime for such a large customer, who is often handling large amounts of confidential data.”

client logo - Ensono
Growing hybrid IT services with built-to-scale backup & recovery for AWS

Ensono needed a backup solution that would enable them to offer reliable backups to their clients and that would meet or exceed their SLAs without causing a drain on internal resources. Find out how Ensono delivers their clients peace-of-mind with our built-to-scale backup & recovery solution for AWS cloud.

customer - ZoneFox logo
Scale without fail: providing customers with 100% uptime

Built for data visibility and security, ZoneFox needed to provide 100% uptime for its customers —anything less would have been unacceptable. This is why ZoneFox sought a scalable solution offering availability, automation, powerful DR capabilities and ease of implementation (yeah that’s us).

University of Notre Dame Case Study
Save 25% more time over manual backups.

N2WS offers a flawless solution that’s reliable. Using N2WS, I was able to find [a] lost folder and restore it to the source destination in 5 minutes as opposed to 30.” –Aaron Wright, Systems Engineer

Goodwill logo
24/7 data access with no outages or delays.

Because N2WS creates incremental backups, capturing only changes since the previous backup, it is a particularly efficient backup solution for a large enterprise such as Goodwill.

Cloudar logo
Automate backups for 100s of EC2 instances.

N2WS provided a robust and flexible backup solution as well as time savings and efficiency. Ease-of-management and ease-of-mind was the reason Cloudar chose N2WS Backup & Recovery over other backup solutions.

Tecracer logo

Manage multiple clients and AWS accounts.

N2WS helped tecRacer improve their overall customer experience by allowing them to provide customers with new self-service backup and recovery capabilities and direct access to their accounts.

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