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Big Data Security for Public Sectors on AWS

Government agencies, universities, and non-profits use N2WS and AWS for workloads that demand 100% availability and uptime.
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For 100% Uptime of AWS Workloads...

Government agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions are choosing our software.
Public Sector Governance

Our data-protection solution, Cloud Protection Manager, is actually an EC2 instance that runs inside your AWS environment and VPCs. You have FULL control over how your data is backed up and NO data EVER leaves your AWS accounts.

Public Sector Compliance

Our “in-cloud premises” methodology fully embraces the AWS model for backup and storage. We integrate seamlessly with AWS’ native technology and follow their strict compliance and security standards.

Public Sector GovCloud

Cloud Protection Manager, is available on the AWS Marketplace for all AWS regions including AWS GovCloud. Fully launch and configure CPM in minutes and start protecting critical workloads from any type of outage or failure.

Public Sector Decoupling

Cloud Protection Manager offers backups based on native AWS snapshots. Backups created by CPM are “non-proprietary”. This allows you to leverage CPM snapshots for other purposes and makes decoupling easy and risk-free.

Incremental Backups

Block-level and incremental backups based on native AWS snapshots offer efficient data protection for any sized data volume. Very large volumes can be consistently backed up without maintenance windows or downtime.

Recover in Seconds

Recover from an outage, failure, or loss in only 30-seconds. With our flagship software, you can quickly recover files, folders, volumes, instances, applications, or even your entire AWS environment in seconds!

Disaster Recovery

Protect yourself with cross-region and cross-account disaster recovery. Achieve cloud resilience with the our “snapshot vault”: copy critical snapshots to a separate secure AWS account in another AWS region.

Government agencies worldwide choose N2WS to protect secure workloads in the public cloud.

Government agencies

“After spending about 30 minutes setting up 22 Instance backups and then running restores and glaciers to just see what the app was capable of, I found that my work was done. I expected days if not weeks of setup and worry ... this was just so elegant and well thought out it made life simple.... Great application.”

Higher Education institutions have 24/7 access to their AWS data with our Cloud Protection Manager.
Higher education

"When Harvard Central IT needed to evolve their backup services to support an AWS cloud initiative, we wanted a platform that leveraged the benefits of native AWS data protection, could provide a global view over backup operations and allowed self-service and integration with automation services. With CPM from N2WS we get all that and a solution built on a known platform (AWS) allowing us to capitalize on our in-house knowledge. Now, through the Veeam acquisition, we have the potential of a single platform for both on-premises AND cloud based workloads, which is a real win-win."

Non-Profits love how scalable and cost efficient CPM is for backing up their AWS environments.

“CPM is the only cloud backup solution I have found that competes with traditional data center backup offerings. Using the software is familiar and intuitive if you have ever used one of the mainstream data center backup programs. Having used CPM for a few months we would be lost without it…”

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