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Big Data Security for Public Sectors in the Public Cloud

Government agencies, universities, and non-profits use N2WS and AWS for workloads that demand 100% availability and uptime.

For government, universities, and non-profits to protect, optimize, and scale in the cloud
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Recover in 30 seconds

Quickly recover files, folders, volumes, instances, applications, or even your entire AWS environment in seconds to prevent downtime and dataloss.

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Incremental backups

Block-level incremental backups based on native AWS snapshots offer efficient backup for any sized volume without downtime or maintenance windows.

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Cloud resilience

Protect yourself with cross-region and cross-account disaster recovery. Combine the two to achieve cloud resilience with a “snapshot vault” for critical data.


Our data-protection solution, Cloud Protection Manager, is actually an EC2 instance that runs inside your AWS environment and VPCs. You have FULL control over how your data is backed up and NO data EVER leaves your AWS accounts.

AWS GovCloud

N2WS Backup & Recovery is available on the AWS Marketplace for all AWS regions including AWS GovCloud. Fully launch and configure N2WS in your AWS environment in minutes and start protecting critical workloads from any type of outage or failure.


Our “in-cloud premises” methodology fully embraces the AWS model for backup and storage. We integrate seamlessly with AWS’ native technology and follow their strict compliance and security standards.


N2WS Backup & Recovery offers backups based on native AWS snapshots. Backups created by N2WS are “non-proprietary”. This allows you to leverage N2WS-created snapshots for other purposes and makes decoupling easy and risk-free.

Some of the AWS partners we work with:

To help you get started with implementing the right backup and DR solution for your AWS environment, you may want to connect with one of our partners.

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Learn how leading organizations are extending AWS-native tech with N2WS

Growing organizations love how easy it is to ensure continuous uptime while supporting hundreds or clients or instances from a single console.

Managing critical data at petabyte-scale and providing clients with 100% confidence
DB Systel UK is a division of major European rail company Deutsche Bahn, which provides managed IT, cloud solutions, and backup services. With thousands of routes to report on and over 1,500 volumes across 700 servers, they needed an automated backup & recovery solution they could trust.
Provide clients with 100% confidence →
Save 25% more time over manual backups
With 240 IT staff, 6k employees, and 12k students, a system fail would have meant weeks recovering data, requiring all-hands-on-deck for 12-hour shifts. That is... until the University of Notre Dame migrated to AWS, utilizing N2WS for their backup & recovery. Find out how they ensure 100% uptime.
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24/7 data access with no outages or delays.
Because N2WS creates incremental backups, capturing only changes since the previous backup, it is a particularly efficient backup solution for a large enterprise such as Goodwill.
Get their AWS + N2WS strategy →
Automate backups for 100s of EC2 instances.
N2WS provided a robust and flexible backup solution as well as time savings and efficiency. Ease-of-management and ease-of-mind was the reason Cloudar chose N2WS Backup & Recovery over other backup solutions.
Read the Cloudar case study →