Azure Backup + AWS Backup in 1 Console

Leverage N2WS to monitor and manage AWS and Microsoft Azure backup from a single console

Get Azure Backup and AWS Backup in a single console with N2WS

As a registered Microsoft Partner, we support you at every stage in your cloud journey, whether that journey starts on AWS or Microsoft Azure. Using one solution to protect your multi-cloud environment is more cost efficient and simplifies the entire process —so no more toggling between browser tabs or juggling multiple log-ins.

Eliminate downtime with Azure Backup & Recovery by N2WS

Easily deploy in minutes from the Azure marketplace.

Automate Azure backups, create flexible polices and retention.

Meet recovery time objectives with fast restore of Azure VMs and disks.

Create alerts to stay informed about your Azure backups.

Find and download key metrics to share with C-suite and clients.

Monitor Azure backup operations from a centralized console.

Easily browse multiple generations to recover individual files/folders.

Copy data from AWS into Azure for true cross-cloud protection plan.

Run recovery drills and send reports to team leaders automatically.

N2WS delivers reliable Azure backup & recovery for VMs and disks

Manage backup & recovery of Azure and AWS from a single console

You can create backup policies on a subscription/account level with no need to create separate plans for separate resources and you can automate backups in 5-minute intervals. Plus recover from any outage or issue within seconds.

With N2WS, you can view all your Azure + AWS accounts and manage your multi-cloud environment in one console.

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Azure Backup | Multi-Cloud Backup
N2WS screenshot showing Azure Backup & DR
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Orchestrate Azure backup of SQL servers and perform disaster recover (DR)

With N2WS, you can perform agentless, application-consistent SQL server backup and perform disaster recovery for Azure VMs and Disks in the same target region .

With N2WS, you can easily perform disaster recovery for Azure virtual machines and disks in minutes.

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“With N2WS, we’re able to orchestrate everything from a single console. It’s very easy —and it runs like clockwork.”
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Jordi Pujol
Cloud Architect, iFeu
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