Unify data protection for Azure and AWS workloads

Leverage N2WS to monitor and manage AWS and Microsoft Azure backups from a single console

A single solution to protect your multi-cloud environment

As a registered Microsoft Partner, we support you at every stage in your cloud journey, whether that journey starts on AWS or Microsoft Azure. Using one solution to protect your multi-cloud environment is more cost efficient and simplifies the entire process —so no more toggling between browser tabs or juggling multiple log-ins.

Eliminate downtime and keep everything running on autopilot

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Setup in minutes

Easily deploy in minutes from the Azure marketplace.

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Customizable policies

Automate backups, create flexible polices and define retention.

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Rapid restore

Meet recovery time objectives with fast restore of Azure VMs.

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Real-time alerts

Create alerts to stay informed and respond quickly.

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Digestible reports

Find and download key metrics to share with C-suite and clients.

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Central monitoring

Monitor Azure backup operations from a centralized console.

N2WS Backup & Recovery delivers reliable protection for Azure VMs

Manage backup & recovery of Azure and AWS from a single console

You can create backup policies on a subscription/account level with no need to create separate plans for separate resources and you can automate backups in 5-minute intervals. Plus recover from any outage or issue within seconds.

With N2WS, you can view all your Azure and AWS accounts and manage your multi-cloud environment in one console.

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Multi-cloud backup for AWS and Azure
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“With N2WS, we’re able to orchestrate everything from a single console. It’s very easy —and it runs like clockwork.”
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Jordi Pujol
Cloud Architect, iFeu
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