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Streamline SAP HANA backup and recovery, orchestrate backups of in-memory data to Amazon S3, and recover SAP HANA instances and databases to a production state within minutes —for the ultimate in data protection.

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99 of the 100 largest companies in the world are SAP customers

SAP is a market-share leader committed to enabling every enterprise to become smart, networked, and sustainable – bringing together the solutions, technology, and best practices needed to run integrated, digital business processes in the cloud.

SAP is designed to manage critical production data, making it vital to have a reliable backup solution in place. That’s where N2WS comes in. N2WS offers effective SAP HANA backup to protect your SAP workloads and data to maximize uptime.

SAP HANA backup and recovery

Cloud-native SAP HANA backup for in-memory databases and instances running on AWS

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Recovery in seconds

More than just SAP HANA backup, recover instances and databases to a production state within minutes in the event of an outage or failure —with the click of a button.

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The ultimate defense

Meet your data protection goals by automating cross-region recovery for SAP HANA and by creating an immutable SAP HANA backup stored in Amazon S3.

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Optimize storage costs

Meet compliance requirements while lowering costs. Automate the archiving of SAP HANA backup data to Amazon Glacier or Deep Archive for long-term retention.

Total data sovereignty and peace of mind for SAP on AWS

N2WS leverages AWS-native tech to orchestrate SAP HANA backup and recovery operations. So you always maintain total sovereignty and control of your data and backups. No data flows back to N2WS or to any N2WS controlled account.

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