Back up critical SAP production workloads on AWS

N2WS ensures 100% uptime for SAP on AWS

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Nearly 76% of the world’s transactions touch a SAP system —making SAP backup critical

Enterprises worldwide use SAP to manage business operations and customer relations. With roughly 76% of the world’s transactions touching a SAP system at some point it remains a major player in the ERP market.

It’s no wonder that the agility and speed of AWS combined with the scalability and diverse offering of SAP has made the prospect of moving production workloads to the cloud more appealing.

SAP is designed to handle critical production data, making it vital to have a reliable backup solution in place.

No matter the size of environment, N2WS Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) can effectively back up and protect your SAP workloads, while helping you to achieve a minimal Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and maximize uptime.

Enjoy the simplicity of a solution that is purpose-built for AWS to protect your SAP data

Secure your SAP Data

Benefit from the strict compliance and security standards set by AWS, giving you full visibility + control of your data.

Optimize Storage Costs

Save up to 60% on storage costs by moving backups to Amazon S3 for long-term archiving.

Eliminate Downtime

Minimize disruption to business continuity. Application-consistent backups capture all SAP data in memory + transactions in process.

Lose the ‘It won’t happen to us’ mentality…
Rapid Recovery & DR
“The Ultimate Failsafe” —100% uptime

Being able to quickly restore vital data means less disruption for you and your customers. Leverage cross-account and cross-region disaster recovery to implement a critical additional layer of security for your AWS environment —to ensure that, if the worst happens, your business can recover.

Recover anything from a single file to your whole SAP environment in less than 30 seconds —with the click of a button.

Everything in a single console…
A Single Pane of Glass
“A Single Pane of Glass”

Navigate complicated organizational structures and streamline your backup and recovery through easy-to-configure user hierarchies. Oversee multiple AWS accounts and delegate permissions by using a solution designed for multi-tenancy.

Manage even the most complex environments from one user-friendly console.