Scalable protection for big data workloads in EFS

Whether you're using EFS to support app development, to analyze data or to serve up content, N2WS Backup & Recovery provides high uptime for total peace of mind.

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AWS Data Protection

Protect your core AWS services from a single console, without the need for custom scripts.

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Flexible Retention

Decide when to perform backup and long to retain snapshots– all in line with your business SLAs.

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Restore in Seconds

Restore Amazon EFS file systems in 1-click for ultimate business continuity.

Backup and recovery to secure your scalable Amazon EFS workloads

Get complete confidence that files stored in EFS are protected and easily recoverable. Centrally manage and monitor the full data lifecycle from a single user-friendly console, with the ability to move backups to a lower-cost storage tier for long term retention.

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Single Pane of Glass

Set up, monitor and manage backup and recovery for all your EFS file systems from one console.

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Low-Cost Storage Tier

Move backups into low-cost cold storage for cost savings and meet compliance demands.

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Reporting + Alerts

Track usage and monitor backup status with scheduled or on-demand reporting.

Amazon EFS is designed for high output and low latency for Linux workloads

But, files stored in EFS for critical applications need to be protected from disasters (like downtime and data loss). And N2WS allows you to backup and restore EFS systems quickly and easily —completely removing the need for scripting. Set up your first Amazon EFS backup policy in 15 minutes for free.

IT Operations
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What AWS backup is missing

Using the software is familiar and intuitive... as simple as pushing a button!

Cloud Convert
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Handles the backup/restore that AWS forgot to give us

[N2WS] is a great product that fills in the gaps in the AWS architecture...

Fahd M.
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Reliable backup that meets SLAs

It's very stable and mature and utilized the cloud resources efficiently... worth every penny.

Learn how leading organizations are extending AWS-native tech with N2WS

Growing organizations love how easy it is to ensure continuous uptime while supporting hundreds or clients or instances from a single console.

How Gett prepared for IPO with a robust cloud continuity strategy
In addition to achieving business continuity with N2WS, Gett uses N2WS Resource Control to save around 50 percent—or $2,000—per instance per month.
Learn how they saved $100k ›
How Essilor increased speed of recovery by 10X in their complex global environment
Essilor had created an in-house solution with custom scripts to manage the backup and recovery of their AWS workloads. But they have a large-scale environment with complex requirements. N2WS provided the tool they needed to scale and decrease RTO with efficiency.
Protect complex environments ›
How iFeu's cloud team offers 100% availability to their AWS clients
IFeu is the leading managed services provider for the greater Barcelona area —managing 100+ AWS accounts for clients across various industries and they needed a tool that would provide high availability and an easy console to manage data protection for hundreds of AWS accounts.
Provide high availability with ease ›
Managing critical data at petabyte-scale with 100% confidence
DB Systel UK is a division of Deutsche Bahn, which provides managed IT, cloud solutions, and backup services. With thousands of routes to report on and over 1,500 volumes across 700 servers, they needed an automated backup & recovery solution they could trust.
Provide clients with 100% confidence ›
Growing hybrid IT services with built-to-scale backup & recovery for AWS
Ensono needed a solution to offer reliable backups to their clients and that would meet their SLAs without causing a drain on internal resources. Find out how Ensono now delivers their clients peace-of-mind with our built-to-scale backup & recovery solution for AWS cloud.
Better serve your cloud clients ›
Accessing critical AWS data in real-time to save lives —with N2WS
With N2WS, Best Friends reduced the time it takes to synchronize internal workloads —what used to take days now takes 60 minutes. And this gives the team valuable time to focus on new initiatives and technological innovation to save even more animals.
Access more innovation time ›
Save 25% more time over manual backups
With 240 IT staff, 6k employees, and 12k students, a system fail would have meant weeks recovering data, requiring 12-hour shifts. That is... until the University of Notre Dame migrated to AWS, utilizing N2WS for their backup & recovery. Find out how they ensure 100% uptime.
Swipe their fail-proof strategy ›
Growing cloud business and offering customers peace-of-mind with BaaS
When iQ3 onboarded one of their largest customers in the Australian government, they turned to N2WS to protect their growing AWS environment, stating: “It was vital that we were able to ensure 100% uptime for such a large customer handling confidential data.”
Offer clients managed backup ›
Manage multiple clients and AWS accounts from 1 console
With N2WS Backup & Recovery tecRacer improved their overall customer experience by allowing them to provide customers with new self-service backup and recovery capabilities and direct access to manage their accounts.
Learn how they did it ›
Scale without fail: providing customers with 100% uptime
Built for data visibility and security, ZoneFox needed to provide 100% uptime for its customers —anything less would have been unacceptable. This is why ZoneFox sought a scalable tool offering availability, automation, powerful DR capabilities and ease of implementation.
Maintain resiliency at scale ›
24/7 data access with no outages or delays.
Because N2WS creates incremental backups, capturing only changes since the previous backup, it is a particularly efficient backup solution for a large enterprise such as Goodwill.
Get their AWS + N2WS strategy ›
Automate backups for 100s of EC2 instances.
For Managed Services Provider, Cloudar, N2WS provided a robust and flexible backup solution as well as time savings and efficiency. Ease-of-management and ease-of-mind was the reason Cloudar chose N2WS over other backup solutions.
Read the Cloudar case study ›
Meeting customers' diverse data sovereignty needs with ease
Because each of their customers has different requirements, Comunet needed a way to centralize their data management and to provide backup and recovery operations at scale. N2WS allows them to easily meet data sovereignty requirements while saving them time and money in the process.​
See why Comunet chose N2WS ›
How to Connect an AWS EBS Volume to Another EC2 Instance

Introducing N2WS v2.6 with Backup & Recovery for Amazon EFS

With the mushrooming cloud of AWS services, you’re likely using more than a few to run your organization. But wouldn’t it be great to have a single solution to manage backup, recovery, and your entire data lifecycle? With this release, we’ve expanded our coverage of core AWS services with backup and recovery for Amazon EFS, enhanced options for file-level recovery and provided a host of new reporting capabilities.


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