AWS Database Backup for Disaster-Proof, Always Available Data

AWS Database Backup & Disaster Recovery for Amazon RDS, Redshift, Aurora, DynamoDB, DocumentDB and more!


Redshift Regions

Copy Redshift backups between regions or migrate databases between regions



AWS database backup & recovery of SAP HANA in-memory databases


Protect DocumentDB

AWS database backup and orchestrated recovery of DocumentDB databases

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NoSQL, no downtime

Keep real-time applications up and running with 1-click DR and AWS database backup

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Disaster-proof data

Automate SQL database backups to be audit-proof and disaster-proof

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Near-zero RTO

With full recovery in 30 seconds, you’ll never experience downtime

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Backup automatically

With flexible backup policies and schedules to meet your business SLAs

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Capture current data

Application-consistent amazon database backup to capture all current data in progress

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Manage petabytes

The bigger the environment, the better for cost savings with easy data management

The simplest AWS database backup & recovery for every environment

With support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, SAP on AWS, Amazon Aurora, Redshift, RDS, and DocumentDB

Engineered for big data, ideal for DevOps…

The first Amazon database backup solution engineered for scale, speed, and simplicity —delivering on the promise of the “disaster-proof” public cloud.

Achieve application-consistency

Running large databases in the cloud, with thousands of transactions taking place at once, means you can’t afford downtime or data loss. N2WS’ AWS Database Backup gives you application consistency —meaning you don’t need to take applications offline to perform backups. N2WS simply (and automatically) “quiesces” the system to take each backup snapshot.   

EBS snapshots on Windows EC2 instances are not application-consistent by default. So, if you’re backing up databases running on EC2 instances while you are “online”, the restored EC2 instance or EBS volume will require you to run a “consistency check” —which can take hours and sometimes result in an unusable database.

That’s why, with N2WS’ AWS Database Backup, you can implement application-consistency for your databases running on EC2 and remove the need for additional consistency checks (which directly reduces RTO).

Similar to Windows instances, EBS snapshots that run on databases in Linux servers are not application-consistent by default.

For Linux workloads you can use N2WS’ AWS Database Backup & Recovery to run a pre and post backup script in order to quiesce the relevant database produce application-consistent backups. That way, when you need to restore the database, it will be consistent and able to receive queries immediately.

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) allows you to launch common databases including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Maria DB and even Amazon Aurora.

With the N2WS AWS Database Backup solution you can back up and recover RDS instances from one console, with the ability to perform disaster recovery into different accounts or regions, helping you to meet uptime SLAs with ease.

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As Dynamo DB is a serverless database there is no need to provision processing power or storage —this is all done by AWS in the background. And N2WS Backup & Recovery uses AWS-native technology to backup and recover NoSQL Dynamo DB tables, TTL and tags. Simply create your tables and back them up from the N2WS console to gain access to centralized reporting to meet your compliance needs.

Easily clone, deploy, and manage development environments

In testing and development, it’s best practice to deploy code up (from dev to production) and copy databases down (from production to dev). But what happens when the new guy accidentally overrides your critical production data with a thoughtless git push? That’s no big deal with N2WS —you can automate application-consistent snapshots and recover entire databases in 30 seconds with our AWS database backup solution.

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Straightforward and easy to use, and the tool itself has proven to be very reliable.

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DEV\QA environments

Allows me to restore EC2 instances to another account. Valuable feature for DEV\QA environments!

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Great for SQL Servers!

We have a backup requirement to provide snapshots of SQL servers... [N2WS] performs this backup process seamlessly

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