Looking for the best Amazon FSx backup and recovery? You've found it.

Protect your Amazon FSx workloads in one place and monitor them from a single console. Best part? You can save money in the process.

Protect Amazon FSx alongside other AWS services
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A single dashboard to monitor all backups across AWS services, regions, and accounts

Monitor costs, manage Amazon FSx backups, and orchestrate recovery in minutes, from one streamlined console in your AWS environment.

Amazon FSx backup and recovery

Availability of FSx data depends on a lot more than just taking backups...

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FSx recovery in seconds

In the event of an outage or failure, you can bring your workload(s) back online in seconds with the click of a single button to run a simple restore or a preconfigured recovery scenario workflow.

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Protect infrastructure

Access to data is as important as the data itself. Protect network infrastructure to ensure that VPC and Transit Gateway entities as well as security groups can be restored to any previous state.

disaster recovery testing
Test, don't guess!

Disaster recovery testing provides you with the ultimate peace of mind by performing drills or dry-runs of recovery scenarios —which you can even automate and set up notifications for within N2WS.

Total data sovereignty and peace of mind

N2WS leverages AWS-native tech to orchestrate backup and recovery operations for Amazon services. So you always maintain total sovereignty and control of your data and backups within AWS. No data flows back to N2WS or to any N2WS controlled account, ever.

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