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Cloud Protection Manager v1.5.0 is now available in the AWS Marketplace

cpm cloud protection manager ec2 backup ebs snapshots
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cpm cloud protection manager ec2 backup ebs snapshots
N2W Software is proud to announce the release of the new Cloud Protection Manager v1.5.0
CPM v1.5.0 will include, beside improvements and bug fixes several new features:

Tag-based Backup

CPM now supports managing backup policies programmatically by tagging resources (EC2 instances, EBS volumes & RDS db-instances). By adding the “cpm backup” tag to a resource you’ll be able to:

  • Add it to a backup policy or multiple policies
  • Remove it from a backup policy or multiple policies
  • Create a new policy based on a template and add the resource to the policy
  • You can set which AWS accounts will be scanned, and set scans to run automatically every x hours (configurable).

Powerful User Management

These new abilities will most interest managed service providers and enterprises or companies with big or elaborate configurations. CPM had the ability to add sub users before, but many new features were added:

  • Root/Admin users can now control all managed users from their console. No need to logout+login to manage backup, monitor and recover managed user resources. Still, if you want to add users that manage themselves, you can add them as independent users.
  • You can now put a limit to resources a sub-user can manage, i.e. AWS accounts, EC2 instances and non-instance storage.
  • Delegates: delegates are special users that get access to other users environments. They are similar to IAM users: you can give someone new credentials to see another user’s environment and set permissions: read-only, add accounts, modify configuration & recovery.
  • Audit logs: CPM will record every operation done by users and delegates. Admin/root will be able to download a CSV report of user autdit logs for all users or for a specific users. Audit logs will be saved by default for 30 days, but this setting is configurable.

Support of New AWS Features

  • Full backup & recovery support for all new EBS volume types:
    • Encrypted EBS volumes
    • General Purpose SSD volumes
    • Provisioned IOPS SSD volumes
  • EC2 Instances
    • Support for backup & recovery of Linux instances with HVM virtualization
    • Support new EC2 instance types, including t2 instances
  • RDS
    • Support for copying RDS snapshots between regions – from now on, if DR is enabled on a backup policy with RDS databases as backup targets, RDS snapshots will automatically copied between region. DB instances can be recovered to remote regions with a mouse click.
    • Support for new RDS instance types, including t2 instances


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