Secure AWS workloads and high uptime = peace of mind guaranteed

Hassle-free data protection that lets you focus on the big picture

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“CPM is easy to deploy. It does the job and you don’t need to write your own scripts. It solves one of the major issues organizations have when they move to AWS.”
— AWS Marketplace Review

Total business continuity is just a few clicks away with our award-winning solution…

What’s important to your business: increasing efficiencies, reducing costs or securing your data?

The answer, obviously, is “All of the Above”. Because today’s enterprises rely on robust systems to keep everything running smoothly, while allowing more time for strategic projects. And that’s where our award-winning solution comes in.

N2WS provides superior protection of your most critical data on AWS while you retain full visibility and control. Whether you have already moved to the cloud or currently migrating, Cloud Protection Manager offers full coverage of EC2, serverless and NoSQL workloads ensuring your cloud experience is seamless and worry free.

Streamline your AWS backup & recovery operation

24/7 organizations simply cannot afford downtime. With N2WS you can minimize risk and improve your day-to-day operations:

Manage your entire backup and recovery process from a single console

Recover critical data in 30 seconds or less to multiple regions or accounts

Perform application-consistent backups and banish maintenance windows

Receive real-time alerts to spot problems before they become an issue

Keep costs low and efficiency high

Enhancing AWS-native snapshot technology, N2WS enables your organization to:

  • Perform incremental backups – the most efficient type of backup available
  • Eliminate the need for scripting – saving valuable time and resource
  • Speed up the onboarding process using AWS CloudFormation templates
  • Leverage RESTful APIs to automate key processes
  • Reduce your AWS storage bill by up to 60% with cost-effective storage options
Secure your data in the most compliant public cloud: Amazon Web Services
Govcloud secure environments

Cloud Protection Manager runs as an instance in your AWS environment

This allows you to:

  • Manage data across 55 availability zones and 18 geographic regions
  • Benefit from AWS’ highly secure infrastructure and compliance standards
  • Configure user groups and delegate access permissions
  • Quickly identify unprotected resources or workloads