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Why You Need a Robust Enterprise Cloud Backup Strategy

With the increasing volume and complexity of data, ensuring the continuous availability and integrity of your data has become critical. Comprehensive enterprise backup solutions play a pivotal role in addressing this challenge. These solutions not only safeguard against potential data breaches, disasters, or system failures but also provide a foundation for seamless operations and peace of mind.

The High Cost of Data Loss to Enterprise Businesses

The cost of data loss goes beyond the immediate loss of information and can have long-term consequences for a company's reputation, customer trust, and overall financial stability.

1. Downtime & Productivity Loss

When critical business data is lost, it can result in downtime as customers and employees are unable to access the information they need. This downtime leads to a loss in productivity and revenue as operations come to a halt. The longer the downtime, the greater the financial impact.

2. Recovery & Restoration Expenses

Recovering lost data can be a complex and costly process. In some cases, businesses may need to invest in specialized data recovery services or hire IT professionals to recover and restore the lost information. These expenses can add up quickly, especially if the data loss is extensive.

3. Reputation & Customer Trust

Data loss can severely damage a company's reputation and erode customer trust. When businesses experience data breaches or loss of sensitive customer information, it can lead to a loss of confidence from customers and partners. Rebuilding that trust takes time and resources, and in some cases, businesses may never fully recover their reputation.

4. Legal & Regulatory Consequences

Depending on the industry and the type of data lost, businesses may face legal and regulatory consequences. Data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), impose strict requirements on businesses to protect customer data. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in hefty fines and legal action.

5. Loss of Intellectual Property

For businesses that rely on intellectual property for their competitive advantage, data loss can be particularly devastating. Losing proprietary information, trade secrets, or research and development data can give competitors an edge and hinder a company's ability to innovate and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

6. Customer Acquisition & Retention

A data loss incident can result in lost business opportunities and a decline in customer satisfaction. Businesses may need to invest significant resources in acquiring new customers and reestablishing relationships with existing ones. Marketing campaigns, promotions, and discounts may be necessary to regain loyalty and attract new clients.

Essential Features You Need in an Enterprise Cloud Backup Solution

Enterprises require a backup solution that not only meets their current needs but also future-proofs their data protection strategy in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

See everything from a single pane of glass

No matter how many accounts or geographical regions you have, you can manage all your backups for both Microsoft Azure and AWS from a single, easy-to-use console with seamless integration.

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Backup and recover all network connections

Capture, clone, re-create and export all of your AWS network configurations for quick and complete recovery of your environment and all network connections. It’s endlessly scalable to meet your evolving needs.

Schedule automatic disaster recovery drills

N2WS Backup & Recovery allows in-depth orchestration of a complete DR failover. Schedule automated disaster recovery drills and have the results emailed to you.

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Total data sovereignty and peace of mind

N2WS runs inside your AWS environment as an EC2 instance. So you have FULL control over how your data is backed up and NO data EVER leaves your AWS accounts. No data flows back to N2WS or to any N2WS controlled account.

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Customer success stories

Real-world examples of outcomes achieved with N2WS

Ensure Data Security with Enterprise Cloud Backup

By implementing N2WS enterprise backup solutions, DB Systel —the digital partner of Deutsche Bahn, significantly improved their data recovery times. In the event of a system failure or loss of data, their IT team could quickly restore critical business data and resume operations, minimizing downtime and reducing productivity losses. This accelerated recovery process not only saved valuable time but also ensured uninterrupted business continuity.

Cost Savings of Enterprise Cloud Backup Solutions

Gett, the popular ride-hailing app in the UK, saw substantial cost savings after adopting N2WS. By streamlining their data protection strategy and leveraging the Resource Control feature offered by N2WS, they were able to optimize their backup infrastructure and reduce unnecessary expenses. The efficient management of data and the elimination of manual intervention resulted in cost efficiencies and improved resource allocation.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about N2WS Backup & Recovery Solutions for Enterprise

Getting started with N2WS enterprise backup solution is easy! You can reach out to our team to schedule a demo or start a free trial. Our team will guide you through the process, showcasing the ease of use and advantages of our solution. Take the first step towards streamlined data protection and ensure business continuity with N2WS.

N2WS enterprise backup solution offers a high level of security to protect your critical business data. We support encryption capabilities, ensuring that your data is safeguarded from unauthorized access and potential breaches. With N2WS, you can trust that your data will be securely stored and protected.

Absolutely! N2WS offers scalable architectures that can easily accommodate the evolving needs of modern enterprises. As your data requirements increase, our solution can seamlessly expand with your business. This scalability ensures that you can efficiently manage large volumes of data without compromising data protection.

N2WS vs AWS Backup

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N2WS in comparison to AWS Backup, offers a single console to manage backups across accounts or clouds. Here is a stylized screenshot of the N2WS dashboard.