The Future of Disaster Recovery is Here

N2WS Backup & Recovery version 4.2 has landed and it’s packed with the new features you need to disaster-proof your data.

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Archive AWS snapshots into Azure for cost savings and data protection

What’s more secure than putting your backups into an entirely different cloud provider?
N2WS makes cross-cloud archiving automation extremely simple, which also satisfies (with a potential cost-savings bonus) many compliance requirements.

You can choose whether your backups will be immutable, which puts a lock on the original data and prevents it from being deleted or altered.

N2WS Recovery Scenarios feature is now available for Azure

You can easily define different sequences of recovery for Azure discs, VMs and SQL servers and then test the recovery sequence with the N2WS Dry Run feature.

You can automatically run recovery drills and have reports sent to team leads or compliance officers.

Add custom tags as you're recovering resources

With N2WS v4.2, you can deploy custom tag schemas as resources are being rehydrated. This ensures recovered resources have tags applied to them from the moment they’re created.

You asked, we listened… multi-factor authentication (MFA) is here!

With multi-factor authentication you can add an extra layer of security to your account and require a token (generated with either an authenticator app or sent by email) to login.

Administrators can reset the password for a specific user or all users, or they can disable MFA altogether.

Perform disaster recovery backups —without doubling your storage costs

Choose how many snapshots you want to keep in your original production environment AND how many DR snapshots you want to keep in a separate region —which could just be one, the most recent snapshot.

Now you can retrieve individual files and folders from Azure Disk Snapshots

With N2WS v4.2, you can explore multiple generations of Azure Disk snapshots to retrieve individual files and folders that may have been accidentally deleted or corrupted.

N2WS Backup & Recovery now supports Amazon FSx for OpenZFS

Below is an updated chart of N2WS Backup & Recovery cross-region and cross-account disaster recovery capabilities for ALL types of Amazon FSx service.

a table showing the different types of Amazon FSx that you can protect with N2WS Backup & Recovery
And that's not all! There are even more features to optimize your cloud

If you haven't used N2WS in awhile, now is a great time to give it another try. There have been so many improvements and cutting-edge features added. You can save more with N2WS than the cost of your subscription —while protecting your cloud investment.

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