Data that never leaves your AWS cloud.

AWS compliance and data security for the digital enterprise.

We know the value you place on keeping your data (and your customers’ data) secure.

AWS provides you with the power to have near-instant access to your data. And we provide you with the cloud-native backup & recovery solution to protect it.  With Cloud Protection Manager your data never leaves the cloud.

The highest level of security of ANY public cloud. Guaranteed.

As Cloud Protection Manager runs as an instance in AWS it automatically falls under their strict security and compliance standards. Our partnership with AWS means that N2WS users benefit from a highly secure network and data center infrastructure. By leveraging AWS’s native snapshot capabilities you have full visibility of your backups and the ability to restore at a moment’s notice.

AWS Data Security: IAM users, roles and multi-tenancy support
IAM users, roles and multi-tenancy support

N2WS is designed for multi-tenancy, allowing you to protect multiple AWS accounts from a single console. To enhance environment access control, N2WS supports IAM roles for secure cross-account federation and access, as well as IAM credentials. N2WS also enables creation of multiple users, each managing multiple AWS accounts containing multiple instances.

AWS compliance: Delegation, encryption and access controls
Delegation, encryption and access controls

Running on a dedicated instance in your EC2 environment, N2WS ensures users have complete control by configuring security groups and delegating access to perform backups and restores. All communication to and from the N2WS Server is encrypted providing round-the-clock data protection.

Customizable reports and easy automation

N2WS supports the use of RESTful APIs, giving you the ability to integrate the console with other applications and automate your entire backup and recovery process. Our consolidated Reports tab allows you to customize vital information and easily identify resources not covered by N2WS policies. In addition, CloudFormation saves you valuable time during the onboarding process by enabling you to install and configure your entire infrastructure in one click.


N2WS provides a special Amazon Machine Image for use in AWS GovCloud, an isolated data center region designed to meet strict compliance requirements as defined by the US government. N2WS Backup & Recovery provides full support and facilitates cross-region DR between both AWS GovCloud regions.


All backups created by N2WS are “non-proprietary”. This allows you to leverage N2WS snapshots for other purposes and makes decoupling easy and risk-free.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) expands the rights of individuals in the EU and regulates how their data is collected, used and processed. Even if your business is not located in the EU, GDPR will likely impact data you have stored in the cloud. Luckily, N2WS runs on an instance inside your AWS environment and automatically falls under the strict compliance measures set by AWS. N2WS gives you the added ability to restrict usage of specific regions, therefore reducing the risk of copying data to a non-EU region and compromising your GDPR compliance.

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