AWS cost optimization

Scale up your AWS without scaling up your budget

Now you can actually save money in AWS with our NEW breakthrough snapshot archiving to S3...

Now you can protect your AWS data without sacrificing your IT budget

The promise of the cloud has been a more agile, cost-effective, and disaster-proof way to grow. However, growing your cloud also means growing your budget, until now…

We’re making an industry-first move, empowering you to:

  • Automate data protection demands (even at scale)
  • Reduce storage costs up to 60% (with backup to S3)
  • And avoid the rising costs of downtime
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It has allowed us to save over $1million in the management of AWS EBS snapshots over the course of 2 years.”

Save up to 60% on long-term retention

When it comes to protecting + storing data on AWS, many organizations have had to sacrifice availability for affordability —until now...
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Custom Retention Periods

Customize retention periods based on data lifecycling requirements

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Easy-to-Access Archives

Leverage 1-click restore to access archived data in minutes (and recover to any region)

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Bespoke Backup Policies

Tailor backup schedules and policies to your unique business needs

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N2WS Resource Control

Start/Stop AWS EC2 and RDS instances on-demand or automatically

Your data, your way

Overcome data overload by controlling where your data sits in AWS, improving visibility + benefiting from significant cost savings with our S3 tier.
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Unparalleled Security

Migrate data across regions or accounts for enhanced security

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Even Lower Costs

Archive snapshots into a lower-cost S3 repository and optimize compute usage with Resource Control

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Audit-Proof Your AWS

Stay compliant for less —with the ability to automate archiving to S3

The most efficient AWS data protection

We utilize block-level, incremental snapshots —which means your backups take up less space, cost less, and still allow you the same high level of data protection. (You can also take advantage of a cost-effective storage tier in S3.)

Now you can scale in the cloud with the reassurance that business continuity won’t come at a high cost.

Learn 7 Ways to Save BIG on your AWS Storage Bill

Migrating to AWS is a smart move for business continuity but as you scale your cloud environment, you could end up with a growing data storage bill, too…

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Fine-tune your AWS compute resources (so that you’re only paying for what you need)
  • Retain snapshots in a lower-cost storage tier using third party data management tools
  • Create a “lean cost culture”, embracing the pay-as-you-go model for AWS and more!
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