Cut cloud costs, not continuity

N2WS Backup & Recovery provides the tools you need to protect cloud workloads with built-in tools for AWS cost optimization.

After cloud migration, it’s time for AWS cost optimization

By now, you’ve finished the “lift and shift” method of cloud migration —transitioning critical apps and workloads to AWS. And your next move is AWS cloud optimization.

You need to balance the need for 100% uptime with (sometimes lengthy) compliance regulations and a limited cloud budget. This is where N2WS slides in to save the day with built-in AWS cost optimization features.

Put AWS cost optimization on autopilot with easy data management

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Automated archival

Gain control of your data with automated archiving policies

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Smart storage tiering

Choose the most cost-effective storage tier to meet objectives

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Effortless compliance

Meet compliance demands while maintaining data availability

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Archive External EBS Snapshots to S3

Reduce the cost of long-term storage retention with N2WS AnySnap Archiver. Now you can import any existing snapshots and archive them to Amazon S3 —no matter what tool you used to create them.

Bonus AWS Cost Optimization Boost: you can delete the original snapshots after archiving, saving you even more money in the long run.

“Gett uses N2WS to save around 50 percent—or $2,000—per instance per month. Our IT savings already went up to $100k /year.”
photo danny michael
Danny Michael
Global Head of IT, Gett

Manage Idle Resources

Resource Control allows customers to turn off non-critical EC2 or RDS instances, on demand or on a schedule. Like a light switch for your AWS environment, Resource Control helps you instantly lower compute costs and eliminate cloud waste.

From the N2WS dashboard you can see how much money is saved by turning off instances and achieve real-time savings for easy AWS cost optimization.

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AWS Cost Optimization Screenshot - resource control
“Takes the guesswork out of calculating backup costs and allows us to make a more informed decision on where we store backup data.”
photo stuart lupton
Stuart Lupton
Cloud Architect, DB Systel
screenshot showing N2WS dashboard with AWS Cost Optimization features
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Monitor EBS policy costs

Visualize and understand how storage costs change over time and optimize backup storage (using N2WS Data Lifecycle Management) to align with your budget goals.

See Amazon EBS snapshot costs per policy from the N2WS dashboard and build a clearer picture of your storage spend in AWS.

“With N2WS, we’re able to orchestrate everything from a single console. It’s very easy —and it runs like clockwork.”
photo jordi pujol
Jordi Pujol
Cloud Architect, iFeu

Manage retention archive costs

With compliance regulations, you’re often facing long retention requirements (7+1 years), which can be costly and difficult to manage for large volumes of data —especially with increased pressure on keeping data 100% secure. You also have the option to delete the snapshots after they’re copied, eliminating those costs. 

N2WS allows you to automate snapshot archival to Amazon S3, Glacier, or Deep Archive for cost-effective data retention and effortless AWS cost optimization.

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screenshot showing N2WS dashboard - storage archiving status

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