Using Snapshots for:

Backing up your AWS data is only half of the picture…

N2WS offers a “set it and forget it” solution to seamlessly fill in the gaps of the AWS model —delivering cloud-native automated backup with one-click disaster recovery for companies in the cloud.

Thousands of happy customers worldwide
N2WS supports international enterprises and growing organizations worldwide
“Snapshots are great for a few servers but become cumbersome and difficult to maintain when you are backing up over 100 instances.”
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Avoid the rising costs of downtime

Downtime costs are up 81% since 2010…

With Fortune 500 companies experiencing $46 million in annual downtime costs.

And enjoy 100% uptime

(because durability is NOT the same as availability)

With the ability to recover anything in seconds —from an entire volume to a single file.

Introducing N2WS:

“The promise of the cloud, delivered”

—1 click, 30-seconds, and you’re back online

AWS is a leader in the public cloud for a reason. But their model is only half of the story. That’s where we come in, to complement and complete the vision of the always-available, disaster-immune cloud.

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“No lost downtime”

Get 100% uptime with 1-click recovery in seconds of entire volumes or single files —for near-zero RTO, business continuity, and an end to downtime.

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“Set it and forget it”

Save time with fully automated, flexible backup policies and schedules for your AWS workloads. No maintenance required, just set it up and let it run.

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“Tangible savings”

Avoid cloud ‘bill shock’ by automatically deleting old snapshots, setting policies to reduce usage, and saving up to 40% in long-term retention/archival costs. 

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“I can sleep at night”

Meet compliance requirements by retaining critical data in a low-cost storage tier. And rest worry-free, knowing that we are non-proprietary for an easy “decoupling” story —CPM is an instance in your AWS environment.

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“Extremely easy”

With our easy-to-use interface and 1-click CloudFormation, you can set up in minutes and automate the backup & recovery of business-critical data, without leaving your console, so that you can focus on the bigger picture.


“Fills in the gaps of AWS”

Fun fact: we are the FIRST AWS cloud-native backup & DR tool to fill in the gaps in the AWS model with flexible policies, automation, application-consistent backups, restful API, and the ability to manage 100+ instances.

top-rated on the AWS marketplace
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Top-rated on the AWS Marketplace

“CPM is easy to deploy. It does the job and you don’t need to write your own scripts. It solves one of the major issues organizations have when they move to AWS.”
— AWS Marketplace Reviewer
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“As a service provider you cannot be placed in a situation where you are unable to provide a customer with a restore.”

Protecting your data means protecting your future as an organization

Today, Notre Dame is considered the first nationally recognized university to come out full force as a cloud-first organization, with more than 80% of its IT systems housed on the cloud.

They’re protecting their cloud investment with N2WS, saving them hours of time and allowing them to access critical data within minutes.

“With N2WS, our backup administrators are available to concentrate on other cloud projects.”
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Aaron Wright, Systems Engineer
University of Notre Dame

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