• AWS Backup & AWS Disaster Recovery

Try the top-rated tool for AWS backup & recovery of enterprise workloads

With N2WS Backup & Recovery for AWS, you can eliminate downtime and achieve truly high availability for your critical AWS Cloud workloads.

N2WS Backup & Recovery v3.0

Restore entire workloads in seconds and carry out, or schedule, dry runs to check recovery configurations

Sync object storage between Amazon S3 buckets for extra security (across AWS regions and accounts)

Minimize storage spend by deleting EBS snaps after copying to Amazon S3 for long term retention

Thousands of enterprise companies are using N2WS to put their AWS backup and recovery on autopilot —protecting their critical applications from downtime
Some enterprise customer logos N2WS
Some enterprise customer logos N2WS
  • N2WS: the promise of the cloud, delivered

With 1-click recovery in seconds, automated policies, and on-demand resource control

N2WS doesn't just save you money, it frees up valuable time for innovation

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  • No Downtime. No Worries.

We’re your easy button for DR —1 click, 30 seconds, and you’re back online

AWS is leading the public cloud for a reason. But their model is only half of the story. That’s where we come in —complementing + completing the vision of the always-available, disaster-proof cloud— no downtime and no worries.

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“No lost downtime”

Say goodbye to downtime and data-loss, with 1-click recovery in seconds of entire volumes or single files, get near-zero RTO and complete business continuity.

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“Set it and forget it”

Save time with fully automated, flexible backup policies and schedules for your AWS workloads. No maintenance required, just set it up and let it run.

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“Tangible savings”

Avoid ‘bill shock’ by automatically deleting old snapshots, saving 60% in long-term retention costs, and turning off non-critical instances with Resource Control.

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“I can sleep at night”

Meet compliance requirements by retaining critical data in a low-cost storage tier. And rest worry-free, knowing that we are non-proprietary for an easy “decoupling” story —N2WS is an instance in your AWS environment.

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“Extremely easy”

With our easy-to-use interface and 1-click CloudFormation, you can set up in minutes and automate the backup & recovery of business-critical data, without leaving your console, so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

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“Fills in the gaps of AWS”

As the first AWS cloud-native backup & DR tool, we seamlessly fill in the gaps in the AWS model with flexible policies, automation, application-consistent backups, restful API, and the ability to manage 1000’s of instances.

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We're top-rated in the

Gavin Bell
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Great Product - Would recommend 100%

Set it up ...and then forget about it no maintenance needed.

Alexander Schmid
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Best backup product available

...great for backup and restore all AWS environments whatever small or big.

Cloud Convert
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Handles the backup/restore that AWS forgot to give us

[N2WS] is a great product that fills in the gaps in the AWS architecture...

  • Cloud Case Studies

Learn how leading organizations are extending AWS-native tech with N2WS

Growing organizations love how easy it is to ensure continuous uptime

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How Essilor increased recovery time by 10X in their complex global environment

Prior to using N2WS Backup & Recovery, Essilor had created an in-house solution with custom scripts to manage the backup and recovery of their AWS workloads. But they have a large-scale environment with complex requirements. N2WS provided the tool they needed to scale and decrease RTO with efficiency.

iFeu Cloud for AWS

How iFeu's cloud team offers 100% availability to their AWS clients

IFeu is the leading managed services provider for the greater Barcelona area —managing 100+ AWS accounts for clients across various industries and they needed a tool that would provide high availability and an easy console to manage data protection for hundreds of AWS accounts.

How Gett prepared for IPO with a robust cloud continuity strategy
In addition to achieving business continuity with N2WS, Gett uses N2WS Resource Control to save around 50 percent—or $2,000—per instance per month. But more significant savings have come from the fact that Gett no longer stores old snapshots unnecessarily.
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Accessing critical AWS data in real-time to save lives —with N2WS
With N2WS, Best Friends reduced the time it takes to synchronize internal workloads —what used to take days now takes 60 minutes. And this gives the team valuable time to focus on new initiatives and technological innovation to save even more animals.
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Growing hybrid IT services with built-to-scale backup & recovery for AWS
Ensono needed a solution that would enable them to offer reliable backups to their clients and that would meet their SLAs without causing a drain on internal resources. Find out how Ensono now delivers their clients peace-of-mind with our built-to-scale backup & recovery solution for AWS cloud.
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Save 25% more time over manual backups
With 240 IT staff, 6k employees, and 12k students, a system fail would have meant weeks recovering data, requiring all-hands-on-deck for 12-hour shifts. That is... until the University of Notre Dame migrated to AWS, utilizing N2WS for their backup & recovery. Find out how they ensure 100% uptime.
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24/7 data access with no outages or delays.
Because N2WS creates incremental backups, capturing only changes since the previous backup, it is a particularly efficient backup solution for a large enterprise such as Goodwill.
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