The easiest way to recover workloads on AWS or Azure

Streamline data protection for AWS and Azure from a single console that allows you to automate backup, recovery, and data lifecycling.

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The Future of Disaster Recovery is Here...

Drive outcomes

Exceed SLAs, automate data protection, and lower cloud spend


Peace-of-mind for your team and your customers with cross-region, cross-account recovery in seconds.


Faster cross-region recovery on hundreds of instances —with full environment recovery in minutes.


Storage cost savings, measured by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), over a typical 3-year period.

And the most reliable and fastest growing organizations are protecting their cloud workloads and staying ahead of the curve with N2WS Backup & Recovery

Some enterprise customer logos N2WS
Some enterprise customer logos N2WS

“I looked at several backup solutions for AWS but going with N2WS, which is the leader in the industry, covers my back. There was no risk involved.”

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Innovate Faster

How often can you backup and how quickly can you recover?

Those are really the only questions that matter when choosing a backup & recovery tool —and N2WS offers the very best in RTO and RPO

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Minimal RPO

Automate backup snapshots to happen in intervals as small as 5-minutes

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Near-Zero RTO

Restore anything from a single file to a full environment in seconds

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Orchestrated recovery

Full support for 14 core AWS services, including RDS, EC2, and more

Forward-Thinking Backup

Do backup differently

As the first AWS cloud-native backup & DR tool, we seamlessly fill in the gaps in the AWS model with flexible policies, automation, and recovery in seconds

Save up to 98% on AWS storage costs

Get well-orchestrated recovery in seconds

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We’re top-rated in the AWS Marketplace

With over 80 five-star reviews, dozens of customer testimonials, and 18+ industry awards for excellence, we’re the leading enterprise tool for a reason

top-rated on the AWS marketplace
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Probably the easiest AWS backup appliance, ever

Easy to setup, restore processes are easy. I would highly recommend...

top-rated on the AWS marketplace
Verified Customer
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Allowed us to save over $1million dollars

...in the management of AWS EBS snapshots over the course of 2 years.

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Reliable backup that meets SLAs

It's very stable and mature and utilized the cloud resources efficiently... worth every penny.

Global Partner network

Partnering with industry-leading organizations around the globe

N2WS Partner Network is a global network of service providers and resellers providing backup and recovery solutions with the help of our award-winning tool

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