Upcoming Events and Webinars

Join us at an upcoming AWS summit, industry conference, or webinar. We’d love to meet you!

AWS Imagine Austin, TX

July 23-24, 2024 | Hyatt Regency Austin

Meet us at IMAGINE, a free one and a half day event to learn about the future of state and local government and education. Get access to 25+ breakout sessions and discuss the critical role of backup & DR for public sector organizations.

NEW: The TL;DR with N2WS

Thursday, July 25 @ 12pm BST and 2pm EST

Join us for the kickoff of our all new series for quick and actionable afternoon "espresso shots" of wisdom—so you can maximize the ROI you're getting from your cloud investment with N2WS, grow your skillset, and learn something useful to better optimize your cloud protection strategy.

Technology Day at Boulder Labs

July 31, 2024 | NIST Boulder, CO

Calling all engineers, IT managers, security officers and leads, software developers, network engineers, and system admins... meet us in Boulder, CO for this one day event focused on research and innovation.

Technology Day at Denver Federal Center

August 1, 2024 | Lakewood, CO

DFC is home to over 6200 federal employees from 26 agencies, making this the largest concentration of Federal agencies outside of Washington, DC. So if you work in the federal government and run workloads on AWS or Azure, then come meet us in Colorado.

California Government Innovation Summit

August 20, 2024 | Sacramento, CA

If you work in the public sector and can make it to Sacramento in July, we'd love to meet you at this free event. The focus is on how government and public sector orgs can use technology to innovate. Should be lots of great info and (or course) N2WS swag!

Check back for upcoming events

Looks like we don't have anything currently on the books. But come back soon because we regularly host informative (and fun) webinars, virtual events, and giveaways.

N2WS vs AWS Backup

Why chose N2WS over AWS Backup? Find out the critical differences here.

N2WS in comparison to AWS Backup, offers a single console to manage backups across accounts or clouds. Here is a stylized screenshot of the N2WS dashboard.