Free AWS Backup from N2WS

(because even the cloud needs a backup)

With N2WS Free Edition you get FREE AWS backup & recovery for all types of AWS services, including: Amazon EC2, EBS, RDS, Redshift, Aurora, and DynamoDB.


Just pick a point-in-time and instantly launch a previous version.

When you need to restore a server, just pick a point-in-time and instantly launch a previous version of the instance, restore the volume to its previous state, or even recover individual files and folders (like that really important Excel file that you accidentally deleted. Been there, done that…).

to complete data recovery

#1 AWS Backup & Recovery Built for the Cloud

easy-to-use interface

Easy-to-use monitoring, alerting, reporting, and other integrations.

flexible backup policies for AWS

Flexible backup policies with scheduling from minutes to months.

recover data within seconds

Recover (within seconds) from any type of outage or failure.

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Have a small environment? Use our Free Edition and protect up to 5 instances.

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What can I use the free version of N2WS for?

N2WS Free Edition is a snapshot-based AWS backup tool that you can use to protect important assets (like your WordPress website or anything hosted with Amazon’s EC2 service).

Protect your AWS assets.

Protect up to 5 Amazon EC2 instances from any type of data loss, outage, or failure.

Restore individual files.

Restore previous version of individual files and folders without needing to restore the entire instance/server.

Restore previous versions.

Restore previous versions of entire instances and/or EBS volumes in seconds.

Create a quick-deploy library.

Create a library of configured golden images for important infrastructure that you can deploy in seconds.

Create staging environments.

Quickly standup identical development or staging environments for your website or app.

Trusted by top companies, worldwide.

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So how does this free AWS backup work, exactly?

N2WS Free Edition takes regularly scheduled snapshots and provides an easy dashboard to instantly recover EC2 instances, monitor backups jobs, and perform other AWS backup and recovery operations.

Any type of EC2 instance and some other AWS Services as well…. This could include your WordPress website, your side project, a really important web application, or anything else you’re hosting in AWS.

You have 24/7/365 full access to our documentation, user guides, and knowledge base.

If you need more support…

You’ll never have to pay us a dime, this really is totally free AWS backup & recovery. (You will, of course, need to pay AWS for using their EC2 instances and storing snapshots.)

And more good news: because our snaps only capture changes of your data (aka they’re block-level incremental backups), they’re very efficient and low-cost.

This free edition has limited functionality when compared to the full edition:

  • Only backup 5 (or fewer) Amazon EC2 instances
  • No cross-account or application-consistent backup

If you’re looking for enterprise-level capabilities, then start with our free 30-day trial of the full-featured edition of N2WS.

Protect your AWS cloud for free.

Get started in minutes with our top-rated AWS backup & DR

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