Simple, Scalable, Cost-optimized

Backup and Disaster Recovery for AWS

Now small-to-medium sized businesses can enjoy enterprise-class, cost-effective data protection (that grows as you do).

“Handles the backup/restore that AWS forgot to give us...”

When you’re busy juggling multiple priorities, the last thing you want is another time-consuming IT task. You need simple technology that saves you time and doesn’t require an expert to use.

N2WS Backup & Recovery delivers all you need to protect your AWS workloads and keep things running smoothly – so that you can focus on growing your business.



When Native Tools Aren’t Enough:

How to "scale without fail" in AWS

Cloud resiliency is pivotal to ZoneFox (its platform is built on the premise of data security). And, since launching their hosted solution, they’ve grown to 100 EC2 instances using N2WS Backup & Recovery to ensure complete availability of their data.

simple cloud backup & recovery


“ simple as pushing a button!”

You don’t need technical knowledge to use our solution or a dedicated person to maintain it– speedy onboarding means you can be running your first backup in under 30 minutes. Configure policies, downloads reports, and recover a single file –or entire instance– all from one console.

affordable AWS backup & recovery


“It's also very reasonably priced...”

Keep AWS costs to a minimum with affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing that suits your budget. Save money (and storage space) with incremental backups and the ability to archive snapshots to a low-cost Amazon S3 storage tier for maximum savings.

reliable, automated AWS backup & recovery


“We leave it on autopilot and it works great for us.”

N2WS is an EC2 instance within your environment, giving you total control and visibility. Once it’s set up, you can let it run and receive alerts to keep you updated on the status of your backups. Our award-winning solution requires minimal effort from you and works in the background, letting you deal with other tasks.

AWS Cloud Growth


“Great for backup and restore of all AWS environments...”

Whether you have 5 instances or 5000, we’ve got you covered. N2WS is built to scale as your AWS environment grows —automatically factoring in AWS requirements for practically infinite scalability— helping you be efficient and keep your costs low.

Everything you need for a secure & scalable AWS cloud

  • 1-click Install: onboard quickly and easily using a pre-configured CloudFormation template
  • Custom schedules & policies: complete control with flexible schedules and retention periods
  • Near-zero RTO: rapidly restore to another account or region for near-zero downtime
  • File-level recovery: easily restore individual files without recovering an entire instance
  • VPC Capture & Clone: automated backup & restore of VPC settings —ending manual migrations
  • RESTful API: Seamlessly integrate N2WS with your other applications running on AWS
  • Zero contracts: simple, tiered licensing options billed on a monthly basis, all handled through AWS
  • Compliant data protection: N2WS inherits all of AWS’ 40+ compliance standards, including GDPR