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N2WS v4.3 New Tools: Simplifying Disaster Recovery, Retention, and Cross-Account Security

The new features of N2WS v4.3 that you need to know about!
Introducing the latest in cloud data protection with N2WS v4.3! Delve into the new features to ensure seamless DR and compliance.
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N2WS Backup & Recovery v4.3 Highlights

Cross-region and cross-account disaster recovery for DynamoDB

One of the standout features in version 4.3 is the cross-region and cross-account disaster recovery for DynamoDB. It allows users to copy DynamoDB tables across multiple AWS regions and accounts effortlessly. This simplifies disaster recovery setups significantly; with just a tick box, users can ensure their data is protected against regional outages and malicious activities.

“Imagine you could copy your DynamoDB tables across multiple AWS regions and accounts with just a few clicks.”

Sebastian Straub, Principal Solutions Architect

Time-based retention: enhanced flexibility and precision

Time-based retention allows users to set a specific time period for backup retention, offering greater flexibility. This feature is particularly useful in dynamic environments where additional backups might be generated unexpectedly, preventing premature cleanup of essential backups. Sebastian explained, “Now we have the ability to define time-based retention. It gives you far more flexibility.”

Tackling security concerns: immutability and cross-cloud restores

Compliance mode immutability for S3 and EBS

In response to increasing ransomware threats, N2WS has introduced the compliance mode immutability feature for S3 and EBS. This mode prevents anyone—including root users (and even AWS support)—from altering or deleting backups, ensuring data integrity in the face of cyber-attacks. The essence of immutability was compared with putting your data in an unbreakable vault, enhancing security exponentially.

TIP: With N2WS, you can enable this feature through a simple tick box, positioning it as a critical protective measure.

Cross-cloud volume restore: a true cloud air gap

One of the most innovative features of the v4.3 release is the cross-cloud volume restore, which allows users to restore volumes in Azure from AWS. This functionality not only provides data isolation and ransomware protection but also mitigates vendor lock-in, offering a seamless and efficient recovery process. Sebastian shared insights on the straightforward restoration process, emphasizing its role in maintaining operational continuity, even across different cloud platforms.

Enhanced tag recovery and assist capabilities

The new tag recovery and tag assist features offer unprecedented flexibility and control over tag restoration. Users can now customize tag restoration, adding additional tags during recovery. This is particularly useful for disaster recovery scenarios, enabling users to label and organize recovered resources efficiently. As Sebastian explained, this capability is essential for both initial recovery and failback procedures, ensuring resources are easily identifiable and manageable.

Other enhancements or cool features

Support for additional NICs, IPs, and compliance reporting

N2WS now supports additional network interface cards (NICs) and secondary IPs during instance restoration—as well as all flavors of Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs).

Additionally, the all policy report feature provides detailed insights into policies and governance, aiding compliance and regulatory reporting.

Fluid licensing: cost-savings and flexibility

N2WS maintains a fluid licensing structure, with costs remaining consistent regardless of whether users are backing up resources in AWS or Azure. While there are inherent costs associated with data storage and transfer across different cloud providers, the licensing model ensures that user expenses remain predictable and manageable.

We can’t wait for you to try out these new features and see the difference they make in your cloud strategy! Dive into the full webinar now to get all the details straight from our experts, Alon and Sebastian.

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