WEBINAR: N2WS Backup & Recovery adds support for SAP HANA and more!

N2WS v4.1 New Release Webinar Banner
Catch up on the latest features from N2WS Backup & Recovery —including SAP HANA, Object Lock, and more— in this webinar replay.
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NEW N2WS v4.1 is now available on the AWS Marketplace, now with support for SAP HANA!

This major launch adds support for:

Watch the Overview & Demo on-demand HERE.

Start a free trial at https://n2ws.com/web-trial

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 08:49 – Immutable Backups / Object Lock
  • 12:09 – SAP HANA Backup
  • 14:15 – RDS Enhancements
  • 16:44 – VPC Capture Capabilities
  • 20:58 – FSx for NetApp ONTAP
  • 23:27 – Improved UX and efficiency
  • 24:34 – DEMO of discussed features
  • 47:20 – Customer shoutout
  • 48:50 – Next Steps
  • 51:35 – Visit us at an AWS Summit
  • 53:14 – Q+A
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