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N2WS Native Cloud BDR Goes Multi-Cloud

Backup and disaster recovery has long been a core component of the services that MSPs offer to their end customers. But why do you need to backup your cloud data? Doesn’t the cloud provider have redundancies built in? That’s the question that N2WS Marketing VP Ezra Charm used to get

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N2WS dubbed ‘Backup rebels of AWS and Azure’

N2WS (N2W Software, Inc) has been dubbed ‘Backup rebels of AWS and Azure‘ by top storage news, information and analysis site Blocks and Files. Chris Mellor of Blocks and Files met with N2WS Head of Marketing, Ezra Charm and Senior and Principal solutions architect Sebastian Straub to understand how N2WS

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N2WS Wins 2022 Stevie International Business Award®

Best Cloud Storage & Backup Solution from around the globe West Palm Beach, FL Wednesday August 20, 2020 — N2WS was named bronze winner for the 19th Annual Stevie International Business Awards®. They were chosen as the Best Cloud Storage and Backup Solution from across the globe. N2WS chief executive

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We're top-rated in the AWS Marketplace

top-rated on the AWS marketplace
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Probably the easiest AWS backup appliance, ever

Easy to setup, restore processes are easy. I would highly recommend...

top-rated on the AWS marketplace
Verified Customer
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Allowed us to save over $1million dollars

...in the management of AWS EBS snapshots over the course of 2 years.

top-rated on the AWS marketplace
Fahd M.
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Reliable backup that meets SLAs

It's very stable and mature and utilized the cloud resources efficiently... worth every penny.

Best AWS Cloud Backup Software Available Today In Marketplace
Best AWS cloud backup software available today in marketplace. Highly efficient error free backup of AWS instances. Restore is in seconds. Also provide consistent backups DR support.
Only Product To Have For Data Backup and Recovery For AWS Cloud Servers
Fastest backup product for AWS EC2 and volume backup RDS instance backup. Helps to clone instances into multiple servers as needed. Can also do VM resizing.
Fast Backup and SuperFast Recovery For AWS Instances and Volumes
Fast Backup and SuperFast Recovery for AWS Instances and Volumes. Supports S3 storage. Uses AWS Snapshot backup feature, hence fast to backup. Easy and simplified management.
Best and Easy To Use Backup Application
Best backup application for backing up AWS instances and faster recovery in case of disaster. Instances can be backed up with the help of tags added to instances in AWS.
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“Robust and simple backup application to backup your complete AWS infrastructure… 100% success rate”

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