Hello Sunshine State: A tour of N2WS HQ new office

We’ve only been in our new space for three weeks, but the N2WS team is already feeling quite cozy!


The new N2WS headquarters is located in West Palm Beach, Florida on the east side of Clear Lake and a stone’s throw from the downtown. Our new home features a fully open floor for our sales and business development team, a dedicated marketing space, more room for our expanding sales engineering and support teams and workspaces for management, meetings and the occasional downtime!


We really wanted our headquarter’s space to reflect the N2WS brand and company culture. The space overlooks the gorgeous water, creating an incredible view for the entire office where our team and guests feel inspired.


The open space provides increased collaboration and more relationship building interactions. We wanted to be in a place where we can both bog down and really focus, put our heads together to brainstorm how to optimize customer satisfaction, and also be a place we can sit back and chat during a coffee break

Thanks for joining us on this tour! We hope that you get the chance to visit our sunny new home in West Palm Beach soon. You are always welcome!

N2WS vs AWS Backup

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