Going Serverless: the next evolution of the cloud

N2WS provides the necessary backup and DR solution for businesses in the AWS cloud –including those in serverless environments.

Fast, flexible, and cost-effective.

Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications in the cloud without the need to provision or manage a single server. You get to concentrate on building amazing products, while AWS automatically takes care of everything that is needed to run and scale your applications while saving time and money. But that’s only half of the story. And that’s where we come in.

To truly obtain the promise of the cloud, you need to secure your own data. N2WS is designed to provide seamless data protection for serverless applications within AWS and help you manage your business’s data effectively. It orchestrates everything you need to back up and recover your data on the AWS cloud. And this includes data stored on serverless databases.

Key benefits for your serverless environment:

Ensure 100% availability with 1-click instant recovery

Recover critical data in less than 60 seconds

Automate key processes using RESTful APIs

Onboard quickly using a pre-configured CloudFormation template

Scalable data protection for serverless workloads
Amazon DynamoDB Icon

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is one of the fastest growing NoSQL databases on AWS and provides speedy performance for innovative businesses looking to scale at pace. With N2WS you can automate backup and recovery of DynamoDB tables, TTLs and tags and gain efficiencies by avoiding the pitfalls of manual set up. Set it and forget it.

Amazon Aurora Icon

Amazon Aurora (coming soon!)

Designed for unpredictable workloads, Amazon Aurora Serverless enhances Aurora’s existing capabilities by offering automatic scaling of computing capacity. Currently we support regular Aurora Clusters and soon will support data stored on Aurora Serverless by automating the entire backup, recovery, and disaster recovery process.

Serverless is about performance + scale. And you need a backup solution to match those demands.

Your backup needs a backup

Do you have a plan for your backed-up data in AWS?

At any time, your backups could be compromised by anything from a malicious attack to user error. And this poses a great risk to the smooth running of your business. Ensure you stay one step ahead by making a backup of your backup. N2WS provides the ability to quickly back up and restore to another AWS region or account, enhancing AWS’s already highly secure environment and providing you with absolute peace of mind.

Diagram showing potential disasters that backup can save you from
AWS data management simplified
Diagram AWS + N2WS

Whether you’re a large enterprise, small start-up or a service provider…

Efficient management of your data in the cloud leads to lower storage costs, higher profit margin and additional savings compared with an on-premise approach. N2WS gives you complete flexibility and control by enabling you to move data around within your AWS environment, across multiple regions and accounts. In addition, we make it easy to back up and recover your data to S3 allowing for greater scalability and efficiency for your business.

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