N2W Software honored as a Stevie® Award Winner in 2019 ABA

[West Palm Beach, Florida] – May 19, 2019 –N2W Software (N2WS) was named the winner of a third Stevie Award in 2 years, this time in the Annual 2019 American Business Awards in the category: stevie award

Best New Product or Service of the Year: Cloud Storage & Backup Solution

As a Bronze Winner, N2WS was recognized by the judges for N2WS Backup & Recovery’s efficacy, disaster recovery and for its varied key feature benefits.

Stevie Award judges include many of the world’s most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators. Judges said they were impressed by the product’s 1-click instant restore to meet clients’ RPO and RTO, ease-of-use, and the various recent cost-saving enhancements. Here’s what some of the judges had to say:

  • “Even Amazon storage can fail, right?. Good solutions don’t come easy. The best solutions work seamlessly. SaaS is good but there is also a reason for AMI. The freedom that the client doesn’t have to do this job and instead concentrate on their own business. AMI with all the benefits of SAAS is a real bonus any day. But for the cost-saving, this may be it.” 
  • “Great solution to address customer requirements. It is good to see that the product is being enhanced and also allowing customers to cut their operational costs!”
  • “A clear demonstration of the storage & backup solution that shows a team dedicated to excellence!”

COO of N2W Software, Andy Langsam, said “Public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) operate on a shared responsibility model. We’ve seen many businesses encounter data loss or downtime because they simply weren’t aware of their responsibility. We believe everyone should rest easy by understanding their role in data protection and backup, and knowing that their data is highly available no matter what happens. This award reflects our efforts in accomplishing this goal and our hard work to bring cost-saving enhancements to our customers as more and more data is migrated to the cloud.”

The 2019 ABA Awards Gala will be held on June 11th at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in NYC. More details about The American Business Awards and the lists of Stevie Award winners are available at http://stevieawards.com/aba

About N2WS
N2WS was founded in 2012 with the mission of providing enterprise-class data protection for production environments deployed in the public cloud. Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) from N2W Software was designed and built from the ground up to meet all backup and DR requirements and is now the leading enterprise-class backup, recovery, and disaster recovery solution specifically optimized for Amazon’s AWS EC2 infrastructure. Enterprises can recover complete servers/instances, specific volumes, or individual files in seconds to other AWS regions or even another AWS account, and be back up to production in only seconds.

You can try N2WS today. Get a 30-day free trial (no credit card needed) and test-drive all features of our Enterprise edition so you will be able to see first hand how to efficiently and cost-effectively protect your EC2 instances, RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora databases, as well as Redshift clusters, utilize both cross-region and cross-account DR, as well as take advantage of all new and enhanced v2.5 features.

N2WS vs AWS Backup

Why chose N2WS over AWS Backup? Find out the critical differences here.

N2WS in comparison to AWS Backup, offers a single console to manage backups across accounts or clouds. Here is a stylized screenshot of the N2WS dashboard.