N2WS Announces Backup and Recovery Support for DynamoDB

N2WS extends its offerings for serverless computing options with support for DynamoDB and new disaster recovery options for Amazon Aurora in N2WS Backup & Recovery version 2.3.0, now available on AWS Marketplace.[West Palm Beach, Fla. and VeeamON in Chicago: May 14, 2018] N2WS, a leading provider of backup and recovery solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS), today announced the immediate availability of N2WS Backup & Recovery v2.3. Among other new features, this new version includes automated backup and recovery operations for Amazon DynamoDB, a fully managed (Serverless) NoSQL database service.

A recent survey by N2WS indicates growing adoption across organizations leveraging AWS services with over 25 percent of respondents confirming they were leveraging DynamoDB. N2WS Backup & Recovery customers can now create policy/schedule-based backups for DynamoDB tables. N2WS retains important DynamoDB attributes when performing recovery, including time-to-live (TTL) definitions as well as any tag values.

Amazon Web Services is extremely resilient with a massively redundant architecture, but to ensure continuous availability and protect against accidental or malicious data deletion, CIOs understand that DynamoDB data must be protected. N2WS provides CIOs with the confidence they need to move critical data into Amazon DynamoDB.

“Serverless options are growing in popularity as they help remove a lot of the complexity of deploying an application into production. Our customers are already using N2WS for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) backup and were asking for DynamoDB support. We are happy to offer it to them from the same console,” comments Uri Wolloch, CTO and founder at N2WS.

N2WS v2.3 includes several new features and enhancements:

  • Automated backup for Dynamo DB. N2WS now provides enterprise-level backup and recovery for Dynamo DB. This new feature eliminates the need for manual intervention – customers can enjoy the benefits of applying existing policies and schedules to backup and restore their DynamoDB tables.
  • RESTful API. Provides seamless integration between N2WS and other applications. Within the API customers can leverage N2WS’s powerful automation capabilities and set schedules and policies.
  • AWS CloudFormation template. New AWS CloudFormation template was designed to shorten N2WS time-to-value with a 1-click launch AWS CloudFormation template.

Other new features in this release include cross-region and cross-account disaster recovery for Amazon Aurora databases and a newly re-designed reporting tab and enhanced permissions for independent users. Customers and prospects can immediately start using the latest features by launching the new v2.3 N2WS Backup & Recovery AMI from AWS Marketplace.

Used by over a thousand customers worldwide, N2WS Backup & Recovery is a leading backup and recovery solution for Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora databases and Amazon Redshift clusters. By leveraging and enhancing AWS native snapshot capabilities, N2WS is a fully-featured solution providing unparalleled backup and recovery for data held in the AWS cloud. For more information on this, see the official press release here.

About N2WS
N2WS is a leading provider of enterprise-class backup, recovery and disaster recovery solutions for Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift. Used by thousands of customers worldwide to backup thousands of production servers, N2WS Backup & Recovery is the preferred backup solution for Fortune 500 companies, enterprise IT organizations and Managed Service Providers operating large-scale production environments in AWS. To learn more, visit our homepage.

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