N2WS v2.5 is here!

Wasted cloud spend is up like never before and our customers needed a way to reduce their AWS bill bloat. So we created Resource Control, learn more.

NEW N2WS Backup & Recovery v2.5 is officially live!

Our customers spoke. We listened. Wasted cloud spend is up like never before and our customers were not simply not happy with their AWS bill bloat.

Introducing Resource Control — the “lightswitch” feature making it extremely easy to stop or hibernate your idle EC2 or RDS.

v2.5 also introduces our enhanced N2WS-enabled Amazon S3 repository. Customers can now reduce storage costs by up to 60 percent! 

Other new and enhanced features of N2WS v2.5 include:

  • Support for the newly launched AWS regions Stockholm & new GovCloud region (including cross-region DR)
  • Expanded range of APIs allowing you to configure alerts and recovery targets
  • Full support for ALL available APIs via the CLI

See the full press release HERE.

Want to experience all new and enhanced v2.5 features? Our 30-day free trial can be accessed HERE.

Already a customer? Upgrade instructions can be found HERE.

Read our blog and watch our recorded webinar to see N2WS v2.5 features in action.

Any questions or would like a demo? Talk to us! Email info@n2ws.com

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