N2W Software Simplifies, Streamlines Enterprise-Class AWS EC2 Data Protection

Company’s newly-launched Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) is the first fully-featured backup and recovery solution designed especially for the AWS EC2 environment.

N2W Software, a leading provider of innovative backup and recovery management solutions for cloud-based environments, today announced the introduction of its Cloud Protection Manager V1.0.0, the first fully-featured, enterprise-level data protection management solution specifically tailored for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) significantly expands the scope of the basic AWS-provided snapshot and restore capabilities, delivering enterprise-class functionality to the Amazon EC2 user base.

Leveraging CPM, AWS EC2 users can now, for the first time, wholly automate, minutely control, and continuously maintain backup and recovery of EC2 instances, Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes and Relational Database Service (RDS) databases. CPM enables simple creation of reliable, flexible and scalable data protection policies and schedules – helping enterprises of all sizes achieve robust backup operations and meet designated recovery point objectives (RPOs).

CPM’s rich data protection feature set includes consistent backup of live applications, rapid recovery of complete instances, individual volumes and configurations, and smooth implementation of disaster recovery plans to multiple AWS regions. CPM empowers AWS users to better control backup costs by creating data retention policies and closely monitor backup operations via a variety of alerts, notifications and reports.

Unlike external cloud management consoles, CPM is securely integrated into the user’s own AWS environment, eliminating the need to compromise credentials or allow external access. “We looked for a backup and recovery solution for our marketing technologies environment in AWS, and found CPM to be a comprehensive data protection product tailored for AWS,” said Mr. Yaron Tomer, Software Development and Product Manager, Marketing Application at XMPie, a Xerox Company. “CPM enabled us to architect and implement a sound data protection strategy. With CPM, we were able to easily automate and control the backup operations of our EC2 instances and EBS volumes within our own environment in AWS,” he continued.

“We are proud to introduce the first backup and recovery management solution that specifically addresses the unique data protection needs of Amazon EC2 users,” said Mr. Uri Wolloch, CTO of N2W Software. “By delivering a full set of enterprise-class, datacenter-level data protection management features to Amazon EC2 users, CPM introduces higher levels of data protection and confidence into the emerging infrastructure-as-a-service market,” he concluded.

N2W Software’s CPM 1.0.0 is now available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on the AWS Marketplace.

About N2W Software

N2W Software is a leading provider of innovative backup and recovery management solutions for cloud-based environments. Founded in 2012, N2W Software is committed to delivering solutions that address the real-world problems that arise as mission-critical applications and data are moved into the cloud.

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