NoSQL? No problem...if you back it up.

Agile management for cloud-based enterprises in the digital economy.

Your data is your responsibility –even in the cloud.

Storing your NoSQL data in AWS means you automatically benefit from its ultra-secure and compliant infrastructure. However, it is your responsibility to ensure your data is protected if a region goes down or an account is compromised.

Let us get you even closer to building a resilient AWS environment with our top-rated backup & recovery solution that provides full coverage of Amazon Dynamo DB, Cassandra and Mongo DB.

NoSQL Database on AWS

Automate backup and recovery of NoSQL tables, TTL and tags.


Recover instantly with cross-region and cross-account disaster recovery.

Built to Perform

Perform application consistent backups without taking systems offline.


Customize policies and schedules from one console.


Ensure maximum uptime with a less than 30 second restore time.

Protect your NoSQL cloud investment.
Here's what to know about NoSQL:

NoSQL (or ‘Not Only SQL’) refers to non-relational databases designed for large data volumes or real-time applications.

Rather than replacing typical relational databases NoSQL can be used alongside their SQL counterparts to organize unstructured data and is a great fit for cloud-based applications. Taking advantage of the flexibility offered by NoSQL means your business can go to market with new applications more quickly and experience cost savings along the way.

recover data within seconds

High performance for data sets of any size –big data or small

Cross-region and Cross-account Disaster Recovery

Ideal for shorter development cycles and big data applications

NoSQL and Serverless cloud environments are highly scalable

Scale on demand for variable workloads or a growing user base

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