N2WS v2.6 is here!

NEW N2WS Backup & Recovery v2.6 is officially live!

With the latest 2.6 update, N2WS Backup and Recovery has not only expanded support and centralized protection of even more AWS services, we have enhanced two of our key features: File Level Recovery and Reporting, plus have improved security and performance for optimal compliance and support needs.

Let’s take a look!

Introducing support for Amazon EFS — Elastic File System — Amazon’s high performance shared storage solution. Ever since the public release, AWS cloud has provided great storage solutions as a part of its offering. It started with pillars like S3 and EBS and has since provided colder storage solutions like Glacier. Then in June 2016, Amazon released Elastic File System (EFS), a powerful tool that has the ability to make resources available cross-region and cross-account. With EFS even on-prem servers can utilize cloud space storage. EFS backup and recovery is now included in all N2WS 2.6 editions.

v2.6 also introduces major enhancements to N2WS’ File Level Recovery feature. Customers can now choose to restore to and from all regions as well as to and from a different account. Also there is also no need to decrypt volumes during a file or folder level recovery. 

There are two major reporting enhancements included in our v2.6 upgrade. We’ve added scheduled reporting in which all available reports which includes backups/snapshots can be sent by email. Customers can add specific schedules to send periodic reports. In addition, customers now have access to an enhanced usage report in which they can have a historic view over a defined time period.

Also included in this release:

  • New version of available APIs via the CLI
  • N2WS’ underlying infrastructure’s update to Ubuntu 18. This update provides improved security and performance as well as much more compliance certification support.

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