Best Friends Animal Society saves lives (and data) using N2WS

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Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) is an amazing pet rescue and advocacy organization that we are extremely proud to have as a partner. The national organization is significantly transforming how people identify, connect with, and adopt pets. They are dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in shelters and have already helped to reduce the number of animals killed in shelters from 17 million to 2 million! Their ultimate goal is to bring this to zero by 2025. Who doesn’t love that??

best friends animal society aws

A key part of BFAS’ success is their focus on data, drawn from their large network of community initiatives.

“Our focus on data—from the executive level on—is changing the way we do things,” says Brent Bain, lead systems engineer and cloud architect at Best Friends Animal Society. “Before, we knew around 40 percent of the shelter statistics across the country regarding save rates. By focusing on our data and the technology behind our data, we’re now at 86 percent known data for shelter save rates. This has drastically changed how we approach supporting initiatives and priorities.”

best friends animal society aws

Over ten years ago, BFAS began shifting their most critical applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS) so they could meet growing demand across the organization. They quickly identified to protect their growing AWS environment – and they turned to N2WS to help them do just that.

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