Cloud Protection manager 2.0 is now available in AWS Marketplace

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N2W Software is proud to announce that the new Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) 2.0 is now available. The new release includes some exciting new features. Here are the main ones.

  1. File-level Recovery (Explore-and-Restore): In addition to the existing instance recovery options – to recover an entire instance or just volumes – CPM now provides file-level recovery. With this option, the user selects a backup and “explores” it, on either the instance level or volumes level. CPM prepares the data in the background and allows you to view the volumes in a simple and intuitive file explorer-like user interface. While viewing the data in the volume you can browse between folders, search and download files and folders. After completing your file browse or recovery, CPM cleans all resources automatically.
  2. Enhanced Windows Support: As CPM users back-up Windows instances extensively, we added some important enhancements:
    1. Windows agents do not require Internet connectivity anymore, so the CPM agent can be placed in an isolated private VPC subnet
    2. Multiple Windows agents can be assigned to a single policy to allow easier management of large-scale deployments; the previous one-agent-per-policy limitation has been removed.
    3. Improved agent automation – agents can be assigned to instance using tags, and agent installation can be remotely automated.
    4. One-click recovery: CPM now supports one-click recovery of Windows instance from snapshots. No need for manually creating AMIs or any multiple steps operations or workarounds.
  3. AMI Creation: In addition to snapshot backup, CPM can also schedule AMI creation, copy them between regions and manage retention and recovery from AMIs.
  4. CLI is released: we are officially releasing an extensive CLI for CPM, utilizing our extensive set of RESTful APIs. This will allow easy automation of backup and recovery tasks and can serve as an extension to AWS APIs when automating your cloud operations. Existing customers can get the CLI utility and documentation by contacting N2W Software support at support@n2ws.com with their AWS account number.
  5. Aurora and MariaDB RDS Backups: CPM now supports backup and recovery for RDS Aurora clusters and MariaDB.
Additionally, CPM supports the new Seoul region, the new long instance resource IDs and all new types of Amazon EC2 instances. You can view the latest N2WS Backup & Recovery version here.  If you haven’t had a trial yet, try it out in the AWS Marketplace. Hope to see you using the new CPM 2.0 soon. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. The N2W Software Team]]>

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