The Best Storage Guide to AWS re:Invent 2022

AWS re:Invent 2022
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Every year our global team meets up in Las Vegas (let’s not count that little 2020 blip) to meet the most amazing cloud community on the planet.

This year there are over 2,000 sessions across six event venues, not to mention non-stop distractions like runners groups, whiskey tastings and football watch parties. So we wanted to make it a little easier for attendees, particularly those interested in storage updates. After all, this is the ultimate source of all cloud truth and we are there to pack in as much learning as we can….right??? (wink, wink)

There is tons to be excited about this year, and we are really looking forward to meeting you all as well as attending some really innovative sessions. Our advice? Get sleep, grab a latte and comfy sneakers, as you might need to walk a bit between venues.

Connect with N2WS at Booth #128

If you are looking to meet new folks, get inspired and rethink what’s possible for your AWS workloads, the Expo Floor is where it’s at. We love the buzz of cloud computing innovations galore and we take the Expo Floor seriously as it’s the place where we can finally see our customers and prospects face to face, answer their questions and tailor their backup and recovery needs right on site.

We encourage you to block off your calendar for 30 minutes and get acquainted with our N2WS specialists so they can assess and personalize your current backup & recovery needs. We can discuss anything from Cross Account/Cross Region Disaster Recovery, Recovery Scheduling, Data Lifecycle Management, VPC Capture & Clone, SAP Hana backup, DR with encryption, tons of cost saving opportunities, the list goes on.

Let us help you. Schedule your 1-on-1.

Everyone leaves a winner – Come and Grab your Swag

One of our many N2WS Booth winners

What’s an Expo Floor if you don’t leave with bags full of goodies? That’s why we filled our suitcases to the brim (we can’t help ourselves) with pounds of swag from balsa gliders and socks to camper cups and tool kits. We even have awesome Bonsai Lego kits – fun for the whole fam. If we go home with leftover swag, it wasn’t a very successful trade show, we say.

Every single person who visits the booth leaves with something. So don’t forget: Booth #128.

Meet the Executive Team behind N2WS

If you have questions like “How do I configure immutable backups?” or “What are the advantages of Agentless vs. Agent-Based?” or perhaps just “What sets N2WS apart from other solutions?” then stopping by our booth will help simplify your search for a cloud backup and recovery vendor. Plus, we’re super excited to show you all the latest enhancements to our product – N2WS Backup & Recovery v4.1.1

Ohad Kritz (CEO and Co-Founder), Uri Wolloch (CTO and Co-Founder), and Ezra Charm (VP Marketing) will be in attendance to answer your in-depth questions about cloud backup and recovery and explain the specifics of what makes N2WS Backup & Recovery product and company unique. This is your opportunity to chat directly with foundational members of our organization.

We want to discuss your specific projects and provide you with the best resources to help you understand what makes N2WS the right choice for your organization and why companies such as Dressbarn and the City of Oakland choose us to secure their AWS cloud. Slots typically fill up fast so again, you can schedule a meeting with us here

Check out our top picks for Storage Sessions

Here are some sessions we recommend checking out if you are navigating storage decisions for your AWS workloads:

Session: Best practices for managing S3 data at scale, with Bridgewater Associates

Why you should attend: We love hearing how larger organizations scale and manage storage for petabytes of data on Amazon S3. Bridgewater Associates is the world’s largest hedge fund founded by the infamous billionaire Ray Dalio. Learn about how they use native Amazon S3 capabilities to optimize at scale.

Session: Modernize your data archive with Amazon S3, featuring Stripe

Why you should attend: Most of the data in the world is actually cold, meaning enterprises archive much of their data which is infrequently accessed for compliance. What’s the best way to optimize cold storage, is the question du jour. What are the challenges of using Amazon S3 Glacier storage classes and how can you explore your options effectively for restoring your data at petabyte scale without costing a fortune? Find out in this session.

Session: Data protection & application recovery strategies for ransomware events

Why you should attend: The story of ransomware is constantly evolving and this is especially the case for 2022. Not only are attacks significantly increasing, there are new extortion techniques including the new and improved ransomwareas-a-service. It’s no longer an option to have proper data protection, and as experts in backup and instant recovery, we know all too well that organizations are still struggling to recover their data after the bad guys intervene. Check out this session to see some new techniques on how to protect your business-critical data stored on AWS storage services like Amazon FSx, Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, and Amazon EFS.

Session: Best practices for selecting the right file system

Why you should attend: Amazon EFS and Amazon FSx services are growing exponentially due to being a fully managed service with high performance and virtually unlimited scalability support. Choosing a file-based data service has its challenges, particularly when there are petabytes of unstructured file data like media content and medical images. Join this session to understand the ins and outs of Amazon file services and how other customers utilized them while managing costs.

Session: Choosing the right AWS storage service for the job

Why you should attend: If you are looking for customer use cases and real world scenarios about how enterprises chose different kinds of storage, whether it be Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, Amazon EFS or Amazon FSx, not to mention great tips on how to extend storage (AWS Outposts, AWS Storage Gateway or AWS Snow Family) this is the talk for you.

Have a great conference!

But of course not all of us can make it so there’s always the live stream options.

If you are in Vegas, don’t forget to say hi to the N2WS team. We’re always happy to meet the awesome-est cloud community on the planet.

And see you at Optimize Your AWS FEST – re:Invent recap 2022

And finally, whether you make it to Vegas or not, our upcoming global virtual learning event – Optimize Your AWS FEST on December 14th – will recap the AWS re:Invent conference in just 3 hours.

Our panel of AWS experts in this very special re:Invent edition will run through their top takeaways from the big event. Plus there are XBox giveaways, magic, more of that swag, and it’s all FREE.

Save your seat HERE.

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