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In our AWS Backup Resource Center, you’ll find a selection of free resources to help you protect your AWS environment from downtime. You’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of various native tools, get step-by-step instructions on how to secure your environment in different scenarios, and learn about other tools that can make your backup and recovery processes easier (and more cost effective).

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The critical need for AWS cloud backup

Amazon’s AWS cloud offers a scalable, flexible, and potentially cost-effective way to rapidly share or access data and applications, anywhere in the world. And, as with other public cloud providers, protecting your AWS cloud data is your responsibility. AWS provides and protects the infrastructure —you protect the databases and servers (instances) within your AWS cloud. 

That’s why, since 2012, our mission at N2WS has been to provide simple, reliable, scalable AWS cloud backup and recovery with support for all types of databases as well as core Amazon services like Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, Amazon EFS, Amazon FSx, Amazon S3, Redshift, Amazon Aurora and Amazon DynamoDB. And, seven years later in 2019, Amazon released AWS Backup.

About AWS Backup

AWS Backup Resource Center - Diagram of how AWS Backup works by AWS
'How it Works' —diagram of AWS Backup, by AWS
AWS Backup is a tool, available in AWS, that allows users to automate backup snapshots and set basic policies and schedules.

Described by AWS as a “managed backup service”, the AWS Backup tool allows users to configure / monitor Amazon EC2 backup, Amazon EBS volume backup, Amazon RDS database backup, Amazon EFS file systems backup, Amazon FSx backup, and backup of Amazon DynamoDB tables and AWS Storage Gateway volumes.

The free AWS Backup service is a useful data backup option for individuals or teams with very small AWS environments.

One clarification on AWS Backup pricing —the service is free BUT the storage is not. So, if you struggle with rising storage costs, switching to a more robust AWS backup software that allows for automated and intelligent cost-optimization is a smart move (and one that will likely pay for itself very quickly).

Get The Practical AWS EC2 Backup Guide

Learn the fundamentals of operating a cloud service in AWS, including how snapshots work and how to provide reliable backup solutions using automated and manual snapshots.

AWS Backup Videos & Articles

Answers to common backup questions

In other words: Does AWS make automatic backups of EC2 instances? The short answer is no.

AWS Backup is a limited free service that works well in a few use cases…

Th AWS Backup service is free, however, the storage costs are not. For that reason, we suggest using a more cost-efficient backup & recovery tool such as N2WS so that you have at-a-glance access to cost savings and cost explorer as well as the ability to automate snapshot archival for long-term data retention.

First, what is AMI backup in AWS?

And how do you delete a backup created in AWS SQL server?


  • automate aws ami creation lambda
  • python script for ami backup


We’re here for you! For more product-specific FAQs as well as full documentation, head over to our Support page. If, you’ve still got questions related to concerns about your specific use-case, please get in touch.

Download these guides to help you protect & optimize your AWS cloud even more!

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Top 6 Reasons Customers Choose N2WS as their preferred AWS backup & recovery tool

circular icon - stopwatch
Instant restore from single files to full AWS environments

Like Amazon DLM, AWS Backup in its current form is little more than an EC2 snapshot automation tool and does not provide an easy restore function or proper disaster recovery.

✓ N2WS customers LOVE the giant restore buttons they can click on to get back to production in seconds.

circular icon - settings
Application-consistent backups for production-ready data

AWS Backup offers crash-consistent backups, N2WS enhances native snapshots to ensure backups are fully recoverable to a production state with no lost data.

✓ N2WS customers LOVE that they get application-consistent backup for both Windows and Linux.

circular icon - restore
Cross-region disaster recovery for data protection

Snapshots by themselves are not proper backups —especially if they’re stored in the same data center or AWS region as the running production workload.

✓ N2WS customers LOVE that we fully automate cross-region backup and DR —providing instant recovery.

circular icon - security
Cross-account disaster recovery for ultimate security

Protecting data across regions is only HALF the story. Your AWS account could very well be compromised… with malware, ransomware, or other malicious attacks.

✓ N2WS customers LOVE that they can protect their AWS environments from any (and every) potential risk.

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Manage hundreds of accounts with easy multi-tenancy

AWS Backup does not support multi-tenancy and must be configured on each individual AWS account. This is a HUGE pain for teams with 10 or more AWS accounts.

✓ N2WS customers LOVE that they can manage multiple AWS accounts from a single pane of glass.

circular icon - Amazon Database Backup
Archive to Amazon S3 or Glacier for long-term retention

AWS Backup might be “free” but N2WS can lower costs and provide significant ROI —allowing customers to manage data on AWS better and reduce long-term storage costs.

✓ N2WS customers LOVE that they can save on storage costs by archiving to an S3/Glacier repository.

Best AWS Cloud Backup Software Available Today In Marketplace
Best AWS cloud backup software available today in marketplace. Highly efficient error free backup of AWS instances. Restore is in seconds. Also provide consistent backups DR support.
Only Product To Have For Data Backup and Recovery For AWS Cloud Servers
Fastest backup product for AWS EC2 and volume backup RDS instance backup. Helps to clone instances into multiple servers as needed. Can also do VM resizing.
Fast Backup and SuperFast Recovery For AWS Instances and Volumes
Fast Backup and SuperFast Recovery for AWS Instances and Volumes. Supports S3 storage. Uses AWS Snapshot backup feature, hence fast to backup. Easy and simplified management.
Best and Easy To Use Backup Application
Best backup application for backing up AWS instances and faster recovery in case of disaster. Instances can be backed up with the help of tags added to instances in AWS.
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N2WS vs AWS Backup

Why chose N2WS over AWS Backup? Find out the critical differences here.

N2WS in comparison to AWS Backup, offers a single console to manage backups across accounts or clouds. Here is a stylized screenshot of the N2WS dashboard.

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