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Protecting Your Data: 5 AWS re:Invent Backup Sessions to Attend This Year

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Whether it’s your first time visiting AWS re:Invent or you’re fifth, it’s time to get ready for the largest global cloud computing conference in 2016. As an AWS partner, we’re proud to participate in Amazon’s famous Las Vegas annual event. With over 400 breakout sessions, workshops, trainings and hands-on labs, it’s time to start preparing your schedule to make the most out of your participation.

This year, there will be hundreds of session broken into multiple levels, from introductory to expert. After thoroughly reviewing the 2016 sessions catalog, we’ve selected the most important session you won’t want to miss. The particular ones that we’ve chosen will deepen your knowledge EBS volumes knowledge, learn more about protecting your data with AWS, and hear about various database options that can help your enterprise.

1. Deep Dive on Amazon Elastic Block Store

This highly recommended session dives deep into the best practices, newest features, and use cases for Amazon EBS. It specifically discusses the constantly growing portfolio of volume type, such as cold storage, provisioned IOPS, and throughput optimized. If you’re an application architect or database admin, you will learn how to combine both performance and cost applications for data warehousing, big data analytics, and transactional and NoSQL databases. Learn more

2. Multi-Region Delivery Netflix Style

Netflix has taught us so much about the importance of reliability and efficiency. Deploying services across multiple AWS accounts and regions over 4,000 daily, we’re constantly learning more. In this session, you’ll learn about the sophisticated tooling that Netflix uses to facilitate their growth, how they successfully deliver their services globally, and how you can do the same. Learn more

3. Disaster Resiliency for Exchanges

While modern security is accustomed to relying on automated systems to run their business efficiently, enterprises also have to prepare for when natural disasters and other uncontrollable events take place. This could have a horrendous impact on every aspect of your business from investors to market participants, and ruin your reputation as well. In this session, we will provide you with a highly detailed guide that will help you prepare for such occurrences. This particular step-by-step solution uses Amazon EC2 Container Service to provide Docker Containers, Weave Net to support a multicast overlay network that enables high volume multicast feeds in a cloud environment, and AWS CloudFormation for the ability to easily create and manage AWS assets. We will also discuss the value in redundancy and how exchanges can increase geographical diversification of their primary and disaster recovery data centers. Learn more

4. Reinventing Disaster Recovery Leveraging AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Today, most workloads are considered to be important, which drives SLAs to shrink. IT, in result, has difficulty meeting these SLAs, but there isn’t always enough money in the budget to provide services such as disaster recovery while using traditional methods and infrastructure. Luckily, platforms such as AWS are becoming the go-to infrastructure choice for this very issue. In this particular session, we will examine the best methods for leveraging VM backup to Amazon S3 storage for budget-friendly disaster recovery.

We will also look at the ways that we can reduce even more costs by getting rid of always on-cloud instances by using S3 as an on-demand DR repository and only spinning up compute and attached storage resources when recovery is necessary. We will also discuss the best methods for protecting workloads and how we can use similar processes to streamline Dev/Test operations in the cloud. Learn more

5. How Aptean uses AWS Marketplace storage solutions to backup AWS production environments leveraging native AWS snapshots

Aptean, a global enterprise software provider, chooses AWS since it’s the best solution for backing up Aptean’s Amazon EC2 instances. This session will explain exactly what occurred when Aptean was in need of a fully reliable backup solution that allowed for simple automation, instance recovery options, and scalability. This session will show you exactly why Aptean selected N2W Software Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) and how CPM can help you maximize your use of AWS Snapshots, allowing you to add a management layer to fully control your automation recoveries, control retention, and enable backup for both Linux and Windows instances. Learn more

See you at re:Invent!

Want to learn more about what we have to offer at re:Invent this year? Be sure to stop by our booth (#902) to see us present Cloud Protection Manager, the leading enterprise-class backup & DR solution for AWS. We’ll show you how to easily and efficiently protect and improve your cloud resiliency. We’re also happy to give you specific recommendations for your enterprise’s backup needs. If you’re also looking for some fun, we’ll also have some very cool prizes including HD camera quadcopters. Our team will be on-hand to answer all your questions.

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