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This week, we announced the amicable separation from our former parent company, Veeam. Even as a Veeam subsidiary, we operated independently with our own R&D, marketing, and sales teams. So, we’ll continue to operate as an independent company under the leadership of our co-founders Ohad Kritz (CEO) and Uri Wolloch (CTO).

Still, we wanted to take this opportunity to affirm our core commitments to our customers, to give you a sneak peek at some upcoming new developments, and to deliver peace of mind, which has been our mission from the beginning.

As a leader in enterprise-class AWS backup and recovery solutions, we’re grateful to be the solution of choice for thousands of global customers (across commercial, enterprise, and public sectors) to protect their critical workloads in AWS. And we’re proud of our accomplishments —like being a top-rated and award-winning solution (and one of only a few AWS Advanced Technology Partners to hold a Storage Competency, which is pretty cool).

But what we’re most proud of… is our customers

Seeing what they’re able to do and how they’re able to innovate, makes doing this work so much more meaningful. Not only are they driving innovation within their own organizations by using N2WS (just look at what Best Friends Animal Society has accomplished), they’re driving innovation at AWS and at N2WS, too.

That’s why now, as always, our dedicated team here at N2WS continues the mission to deliver the very best in AWS data protection to our growing, global customer base —providing them with an easy, scalable, and highly reliable backup and disaster recovery solution.

“By returning to our roots as an independent company, N2WS can focus on developing innovative solutions for organizations making the move to the public cloud. We have an amazing global network of customers and partners and an ambitious roadmap, which includes our biggest ever release. There has never been a better time to partner with us at N2WS.”

—Ohad Kritz, CEO and Co-Founder

Our commitment to you (and what it means)

It means you can trust us, just like thousands of other AWS customers worldwide trust us, for backup and recovery of your mission-critical data.

And here are 7 reasons why:

  1. Easy to deploy, easy to install, and easy to configure
    • N2WS Backup & Recovery is available on AWS Marketplace and can be quickly set up. Our AMI (an AWS virtual appliance) can also be installed using CloudFormation, giving you a fully deployed enterprise backup solution in ~15 minutes.
  2. A single pane of glass to manage all of your AWS workloads
    • Across all accounts and regions —including AWS GovCloud
    • Complete visibility of your AWS backups and instant recovery for single files or full instances.
  3. Infinite scale —from single files to petabytes of data
    • We leverage a range of Amazon Web Services storage tiers to provide unmatched scale and comprehensive data lifecycle management with no hardware to purchase and no servers to configure. Best of all, the data you backup is stored in a non-proprietary format, it’s AWS-native tech – allowing you greater freedom of choice.
  4. Unmatched extensibility – Leverage our complete set of APIs
    • Hook into other management solutions and legacy backup tools that you have in your environment.
  5. No SaaS shackles – maintain complete control of your backup operations at all times.
    • Manage your entire backup and recovery operations from a dedicated N2WS instance within your secure AWS environment.
  6. Flexible licensing with zero commitment
    • Choose a monthly license type from the AWS Marketplace with the option to cancel at any time with no penalties.
    • Special longer-term or pay-as-you-go custom licenses are available, too.
  7. Unique data lifecycle management and Resource Control features
    • Control your data and your growing cloud costs by archiving backup data to S3 and turning off idle resources.

Gain peace of mind with a complete solution developed by experts in AWS backup and trusted by leading organizations around the world.

Our commitment to simple, scalable, and cost-effective solutions

N2WS was founded in 2012 with a mission to simplify backup and recovery on AWS.

Now, more than ever, we remain committed to that mission statement as we continue to evolve the N2WS solution alongside the rapidly changing public cloud. Our customers enjoy scalable data protection of their critical AWS workloads, while also benefiting from substantial cost-savings —all designed to minimize the risk of downtime to their businesses and maximize the time they can spend working on growth and innovation.

Our commitment to the future (hint: version 3.0 is bringing BIG changes)

We’re busy working on our upcoming release of N2WS Backup & Recovery version 3.0, which will bring a number of major enhancements, including data storage improvements, brand-new dashboards and user interface. And we’re excited to be able to have the agility and flexibility to rapidly release such improvements while continuing to provide top-tier customer service.

“We’re accelerating our roadmap and making exciting enhancements that will empower our customers to develop proactive backup and disaster recovery strategies, while saving them more money in the process.”

URi Wolloch, CTO + Co-Founder

N2WS remains committed to providing best-in-class AWS data management solutions and the highest level of support to our customers. Listening to our customers and learning about how they’re using N2WS now and what they hope to do with it in the future, is absolutely critical to our mission.

If you are an existing customer and have any questions: please contact your Account Manager or email us at info@n2ws.com.

N2WS Backup & Recovery for AWS is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network, a Public Sector Partner, and a Marketplace Seller.
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