Discover NEW N2WS Backup & Recovery v4.3: Cross-Cloud Capabilities, Enhanced Ransomware Protection + More!

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The future of disaster recovery is here with N2WS Backup & Recovery v4.3. New release, new game-changing features. Learn all about it.
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Welcome to N2WS Backup & Recovery v4.3, now available on the AWS Marketplace.

We’re very excited to announce the release of our latest N2WS version 4.3 – packed with innovative backup and disaster recovery features and enhancements. This launch provides cutting edge, hands-free cross-cloud protection for ever expanding multi-cloud backup strategies. Our dedicated IT team worked hard to elevate your ransomware defense and completely safeguard against accidental deletion. These and many more management and monitoring functionalities making it easier than ever to reach peak efficiency and cloud resilience.

Let’s dive in:


NEW Cross-Cloud Volume Restore

N2WS Backup & Recovery’s newest v4.3 provides groundbreaking cross-cloud capabilities designed to provide true air gapping between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Enterprises and MSPs can now back up servers in AWS and recover volumes in Azure within seconds. This not only ensures protection against accidental deletion and/or ransomware – it guarantees compliance with new stringent data isolation regulations that are increasingly becoming mandatory.



NEW DynamoDB Support for Cross-Region & Cross Account DR

As requested by our DynamoDB customers, we’ve expanded backup and restore functionality for DynamoDB tables under the latest launch. N2WS now supports cross-region and cross-account backup and restore (until now, only same-region restore was supported). Customers can seamlessly migrate DynamoDB tables between AWS regions and accounts and rely on instant restore to protect against both regional outages and malicious account activity.

NEW Time-Based Retention

Another significant enhancement is the flexibility of choosing time-based retention periods in addition to the existing generation based. This accommodates diverse backup strategies depending on the use case (data volatility for example) and guarantees that backup cleanup occurs only after the designated retention period. It also provides more intuitive data management for things like data lifecycle management and compliance requirements. The time-based retention option is available for all target types and storage repositories in your AWS backup policies.

NEW Tag Assistant

Now users have a comprehensive toolset for adding, editing or deleting tags during target restore. Previously, the only option was to either restore tags as they were or not include them at all. Now, users can customize their tagging for more flexibility and control over the restore process (i.e. differentiate between original vs. restored resources).

ENHANCED VPC Elastic Load Balancer Capture & Clone capabilities

The VPC Capture & Clone feature has long been a staple of the N2WS platform, enabling users to replicate their infrastructure setup across different regions and accounts seamlessly. Now, N2WS enhances this capability by allowing the cloning of all flavors of Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs). This ensures reliability and optimal network performance upon restore – making sure traffic is being routed to healthy targets and being evenly distributed.

NEW Compliance-Mode Immutability in S3, EBS and Azure

In light of a recent uptick in unexpected downtime and accidental account deletions by prominent public clouds, we’re extremely excited to announce the availability of Compliance Mode Immutability in EBS, S3 and Azure. With this feature, enterprises can ensure their backups are tamper-proof. They can now protect their data in both the long term (S3) and short term (EBS) from being altered or deleted by hackers, unauthorized personnel, or simply by a mistake by a public cloud misconfiguration. Compliance Mode ensures even the root user isn’t able to make changes or delete snapshots. Immutable backups are also crucial for organizations that must comply with regulatory requirements for secure short and long term data storage.

NEW NIC/IC Support During Instance Restore

Secondary IP’s and additional Network Interface Cards (NIC) can now be added during an instance restore even if it was not originally backed up on the instance. No need to manually configure instance settings if needed. This allows you to modify the network settings upon recovery to ensure proper communication between a restored instance and its environment.


NEW All Policies Reports

With the latest update, N2WS introduces a powerful new feature for those MSPs and enterprises managing many backup policies: All Policy Reports. Users can now generate comprehensive policy reports that consolidate all their backup policies, overseeing vast backup environments with hundreds of policies. The report includes specifications on whether each policy includes disaster recovery backups, the data archiving locations, data retention durations, and additional critical information. You can even quickly filter the report to identify those policies with disaster recovery (DR) and archived into S3.

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