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AWS Summit Berlin 2019: Backup & Recovery FAQs

AWS Summit Berlin 2019 took place last week and I’m excited to share with you the experience of my first AWS event. The fact that the attendees had very diverse backgrounds and were at different levels of AWS adoption led to some very interesting conversations. Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding backup and DR (disaster recovery) within AWS:

Q: What does N2WS do? How does your product work?

A: N2WS is the leading provider of enterprise-class backup, recovery and disaster recovery solutions for Amazon EC2, RDS, Redshift, Aurora and DynamoDB. Used by thousands of customers worldwide, N2WS Backup & Recovery is the preferred backup solution for Fortune 500 companies, enterprise IT organizations and Managed Service Providers operating large-scale production environments on AWS.

N2WS Backup & Recovery leverages the native technology of EBS snapshots to provide fast, secure and simple backup and DR (disaster recovery) capabilities.

Q: But isn’t my data already backed up by AWS?

A: No. According to the AWS Shared Responsibility model, AWS is responsible for the availability of its infrastructure, while  customers must ensure their data is safe in AWS.

Q: AWS released AWS Backup, how does N2WS compare to that?

A: AWS Backup is a basic snapshot scheduling tool based on AWS native snapshots with additional capabilities for managing snapshots of other AWS resources. Taking regular snapshots of your data is the logical first step for any robust data protection strategy. However, the snapshot management capabilities of AWS Backup are not enough, and the tool is not configured by default. N2WS Backup and Recovery is a complete solution that keeps your AWS data safe and easily recoverable from any scenario. Read more about AWS Backup limitations in this blog post.

Q: I currently backup my AWS environment using scripts, why do I need N2WS?

A: Scripts are a good starting point to protect your AWS data. However, they are notoriously error prone and only provide job security for the script creator. Scripts are also hard to maintain and limited in functionalities. Our solution is very easy to install from the AWS Marketplace, it’s user friendly and has capabilities for any recovery scenario within AWS.

Q: We are a Service Provider; can we use your product to offer services to our customers?

A: Yes. We partner with a lot of MSPs of all sizes on a global level. We have an MSP dedicated consumption model and you can deploy our solution to your entire customer base. The multi-tenancy and single pane of glass enables you to manage backup & DR for multiple clients, while our latest instance management and backup to S3 features provide huge cost savings for both your team as well as your clients. You can find out more about DRaaS and BaaS in this guide.

Q: I already use Veeam for my on-premises datacenter, how can you help with AWS?

N2WS is now a Veeam company and operates as its subsidiary. Earlier this year, Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4 introduced several major capabilities and one of the biggest additions is the Cloud Tier feature. It provides unlimited capacity for long term data retention by using native, cost-effective object storage integrations with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Azure Blob Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage, as well as Amazon S3-compatible service providers and on-premises storage solutions.

N2WS Backup & Recovery 2.4 introduced the Copy to S3 feature that allows customers to copy their EBS snapshots to Amazon S3 visible buckets. This feature significantly reduces the cost of storage from Amazon EBS snapshots, but allows you firmer control on long-term storage retention and its related cost. The snapshots will be saved in Amazon S3 in the Veeam .vbk file format, which will allow you to restore the backups from S3 repository to on-premises or other public clouds using Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4. Read in this blog post How to Copy EBS Snapshots to Amazon S3 and Save on Storage Costs.

Breakout Sessions

On Day 1, the sessions were focused on providing an overview of AWS services and features as well as best practices, details of service features and demos with the assumption that attendees are new or have introductory knowledge of the topics. Sessions in Day 2 targeted attendees who may have implemented a solution on their own already and are comfortable with how the technology works across multiple services, architectures, and implementations.

In our session, Johannes Brunswicker from e-Spirit AG showcased how the company protects a high-volume of critical data with N2WS Backup and Recovery, ensuring near-zero downtime for their business. This was an AWS Partner led session.

AWS Announcements

N2WS, together with Veeam, was a Platinum sponsor at AWS Summit Berlin 2019. People were excited to find out more about what’s in store for AWS from Veeam and N2WS and our System Engineers provided live demos to show our solution in action.

See you at AWS Summit Milan on March 12, 2019. Signup here and register for a chance to WIN an Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation!

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